Can someone open my mind

Silencing the mind: opening the heart

What are you afraid of? Before rejection? Fail? Lonliness? Why can't you open your heart?

Maybe you've been hurt before. Of course you are. You are human. People get hurt all the time. And that can be a reason why you can't open your heart?

In the beginning, allowing yourself to be open and open your heart like you may never have done before can be challenging, and it can require a willingness to take the risk of being hurt, disappointed, or saddened be. Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Should I even open my heart?"

Too often we focus on that this might be the possible outcome.

Then why should we even try, and prefer to keep our hearts safe, closed, and locked, rather than watching what the potential bonus or reward is that can arise from taking a risk and opening our hearts.

Healing the heart is one of the greatest challenges we can face as humans. And how do you heal your heart? Of course, if you can open your heart.

We see so much hatred, pain, and negativity around us that it is a natural instinct to want to shut it out and protect ourselves from learning any of it.

A greater pain often comes from romantic relationships when we allow ourselves to capture it in our hearts, which not only adds to blockages in the love experience, but often also leads to a similar pattern or cycle repeating itself by doing this what we know evoke, and if our heart is focused on pain, suffering, sadness, then does it make sense for your heart, without realizing it, to evoke more of what it knows?

If we can allow the experience of the emotions, it often robs them of the strength to process themselves through this state of grief after a while, and you will quickly find yourself at a point where you no longer “feel” so intensely or where you are realize that you are interested in life again.

At this point you need to ask yourself what can I learn from this experience?

The emotions are there for a reason, and it is through those emotions that we can follow the roadmap, where is your heart taking you?

Has this relationship ended because it didn't really align with your heart?

Did your beliefs and values ​​match those of your partner?

Or maybe you have compromised your own self-esteem?

If you allow yourself to really live with your feelings and really "feel" those feelings, it gives your body a chance to catch up with your mind and as painful as it may be for you, the healing will come if you let it that this process rushes through your mind and body like waves.

Honor the feelings, do what it is necessary to do to recognize your hurt, pain, or sadness.

Allowing the waves of emotions to flow through your body is tantamount to liberation without you even realizing that it is happening.

Have you ever given yourself permission to cry in the privacy of your bedroom? How good did it feel when the tears stopped ?!

If you think back, you also noticed that not only did you feel better, but that a burden was lifted off your shoulders.

Maybe you were also able to look at things a little more rationally, and maybe you were ready to look at your day from a new perspective!

Honoring your feelings, giving permission to feel them and truly experiencing them in your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your heart.

This allows your heart to still be open and ready to give and receive love in all forms without being trapped in old pains, patterns, or beliefs.

So the next time you find yourself in a period of pain, anger, sadness, or even frustration, try to deal with these feelings ... try to really deal with them and feel them in your mind and body ...

Perceive where they are in your body, what they look like or what you see, and just be fully present with them.

This may take a few minutes, and you may have to sit there for an hour, but take the time to really appreciate how you are feeling, honor it in your body, and as soon as you notice a small shift is taking place you start to wonder "what does this moment teach me?"

Or maybe what can I learn from the experience or the situation?

Have I set the right boundaries and have I honored my worth?

Or was it just not in line with my beliefs, values, or heart's desires?

What does it mean to have an open heart?

An open heart is a state of being. When you open your heart, let love flow through you. You feel free, accepting, and expanding.

We all experience this from time to time. It can happen after a loud scream, after receiving love from someone else, or even after watching a really great movie.

It feels great - and it's something you want to feel more often. How would it change your life?

What amazing new experiences could you have with this new strong vibration?

Is your heart open or closed?

How does your heart feel Does it feel cramped or open?

Would you describe it as a fist or an open flower?

11 signs your heart is closed:

- You judge others strictly.

- You find flaws in others.

- You avoid new experiences out of fear.

- You feel paralyzed.

- You feel trapped.

- You are full of fear and doubt.

- You are mean.

- You are critical of yourself and others.

- You show little affection for others.

- You are reserved and protected.

- You keep to yourself.

11 signs your heart is open:

- You have a song in your heart.

- You smile and laugh easily.

- You show affection for others.

- They love to hug others.

- You see the good in people.

- They ignore the “bad” in people.

- You are open to new experiences.

- You accept people for who they are.

- You show interest in others.

- You are in love with life.

- You drag great situations and events into your life.

What happens when you open your heart

I can't predict what will happen to you, but I know that only good can result from filling one's heart with unconditional love.

As I went through this process for four days, something happened to me that made me feel very vulnerable.

This vulnerability resulted in someone rescuing me from a delicate situation, someone who ended up being an incredible teacher who exposed me to some far-reaching and heartbreaking experiences.

This person is still teaching me how to love unconditionally and how to open your heart every time I see them. No rules. Just love.

Open a closed heart

It's funny that the very thing that makes everyone feel so good - love - is also what so many of us shut up.

I had a fairly constrained heart for many years. Only a very small number of people came within the reach of my love.

My heart had so many restrictions and bear traps before anyone could get to me that it was almost impossible to feel my love.

I remember one day in June 2007 when I was just beginning the spiritual path.

I counted all the people I loved and I could barely get rid of a hand.

Part of me said, "Well, that's stupid." Shortly thereafter, I called a dear friend and told her I love her. And that's when I started to really open my heart.

But what if I get hurt?

The fear of being hurt tends to be the core of the problem. At least that's what most people fixate on.

When you close your heart you feel like you have insured your bet against injury.

It's about as bad as stopping breathing. Sure, you don't breathe smog or pollution, but you suffocate.

Many people's hearts are suffocating, they are dying. That makes people heartless and cruel.

Have we seen enough atrocities in the world yet? Surely I have. Perhaps you don't even consider yourself a cruel person.

You think you are rational and practical. This is just a mental pattern that you have adopted to justify why you are afraid of being vulnerable.

How we defend ourselves

Getting hurt is no fun. We don’t like it. To prevent future pain, our minds work at warp speed to plan for the future.

We think of every possibility and guard against failure. We don't want to be hurt again.

We build defenses to protect ourselves. We are building impenetrable walls that cannot be torn down

We create stories that make us feel better about ourselves, but that don't really serve us.

For example, you could focus most of your energy on your career. Your career is safe.

You know how it works. When entering into a new relationship, tell yourself that you are not going to get too carried away. You won't get hurt again.

Instead of loving your significant partner with 100% of your heart, give them only half.

You rationalize that you can't give them the attention they deserve because you are focused on your career.

Career is a wall that limits how much you can get hurt.

If you don't give yourself fully to the relationship, your heart cannot be completely broken. You have protected yourself.

Letting go of fear

The only way out is to decide that fear is no longer controlling you. You need to stop basing your decisions on minimizing the risk of pain.

Nobody likes being hurt, but living their whole life in fear of being hurt is much worse. Fear creates pain for a lifetime.

Avoiding pain for a lifetime means it is always right behind you.

At some point in our lives we decided that pain is bad. Everyone always told us that.

Society has bored into our heads that we should always be happy. There is something wrong with being sad.

After we label sadness as "bad," we spend our lives avoiding it.

But what if we weren't afraid of negative emotions? What if we just experience them for what they are and move on?

There is no reason that we have to spend our entire lives running away from guilt, loneliness, and rejection.

You might feel sad for a few hours, a few days, or even a month. But if you don't face the pain, you can live in fear for years. It's simply not worth it.

Once you start facing your fears, you will realize that the negative emotions are not that bad after all.

Negative emotions are just thoughts, and you are not your thoughts. You can observe yourself from a third person's point of view.

When you begin to understand how ridiculous your fears are, you might actually laugh out loud.

Your mind can get out of hand when you worry about all sorts of things that don't matter.

The power comes from knowing that you don't have to listen to your thoughts. You can dismiss it as nonsense. They don't control you.

Pain comes and goes: the memory makes it linger

If there is anyone to blame for the lingering pain of lost love, it is the ego.

This record makes you relive the events instead of letting go of them.

So it's like stabbing your heart over and over again.

In truth, much of the pain we feel is much more due to our own actions and our own attachments.

We fall in love and then we become so attached to the other person that we live and die by what that other person does or doesn't do.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't open your heart. Unless you start opening your own heart, you will have great difficulty in finding love.

If you are negative all the time, you attract other negative people.

When your heart is closed, you will find other closed-hearted people.

Then you can justify yourself and your pain: “God, I always go out with these crazy people” or “All the guys I attract are such idiots”.

These “mismatched” relationships are a reflection of you and your heart, and it is time to take responsibility for that fact.

Open your heart and use the power of vulnerability

How we go through cycles of expansion on the spiritual path is a fun thing.

That's how I let my heart open. I am in a different heart expanse in my life again, and I still feel the same trembling vulnerability around my heart.

Still, I learned how powerful this vulnerability is. When you are authentic to yourself, you are giving permission to others to open their hearts and be in a sacred space.

Love does a lot of healing between two people when this happens and it opens doors to many other things.

Some people can cry or be afraid when this opens up. So much old karma and pain is washed out.

Just be okay with that. Let this overwhelm you and expand your banks, expand your capacity for love.

You will feel terribly unhappy if you have never been in alignment with your heart.

And you'll want to be careful who you share this with first. Your instinct will likely boil down to sharing it with everyone.

Just let it flow at first. Your heart has an intelligence of its own and you must learn to trust it.

It's not that you shut down your mind - it's no improvement when you're from all in your head to all of your heart.

Tips and techniques on how to open a closed heart

To anchor my spiritual advice on being able to open a closed heart a little more firmly, here are a few things you can do to get started:

- Make an activity you love a daily practice (writing, jogging, painting, wall climbing, coffee with friends, etc.)

- Focus on how much you love something about yourself.

- Tell someone that you love them without expecting that love in return.

- Share emotional, personal stories with close friends that you've never shared before.

Conversely, healing a closed heart can also mean breaking free of things that do not serve one. Here are some things you might want to get rid of:

- Stop hurting yourself (extreme training and anything that harms your body, mind, heart or soul).

- Stop doing things that make you angry.

A gateway to spiritual awakening

You may find yourself doing many things that are not in your heart.

This is a gateway to deeper change in your life. For example, say to yourself, "But my job always makes me angry."

The first step would be to see how you are coping with situations in the workplace, but if this job doesn't make you happy and is not what you love, you will likely have to give it up or change it in order to cope with your heart.

I didn't say it would be easy to open your closed heart.

You have created many situations around you in which your current world of thinking and feeling lives on.

Live without borders

When you stop living in fear, you can greet uncomfortable emotions with open arms.

They are just another aspect of the human experience. It's okay to feel it.

Acknowledge the sadness, watch it, and then let go of it. Don't push her down and ignore her or she will stay with you forever.

Don't run away from it or you will never be safe.

Experience the negative emotion and then let go of it. When you live without fear, you can push the boundaries of your existence.

You can find yourself in uncomfortable situations and indulge in uncertainty. What will happen today Who knows!?

Instead of being in a tiny comfort zone, you can expand your mind and experience all that the world has to offer.

You will fail. You will get hurt. That is allright! The pain will pass and you will take revenge.

You will be an explorer of life, full of enthusiasm. You will not look over your shoulder in fear all the time.

When you open your heart, nothing can stop you. You can learn to embrace the unknown and greet obstacles as friends.

If you allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of life, you will live a much more fulfilling life. You can act out of love, not fear. You can really begin to live.

However, I cannot stress enough that it is totally worth it. Because if you open your heart you will see your world in a whole new way, and if you start making changes with your heart, now may be an opportunity for a deeper awakening.