Why do rags look Asian

Why do some Finns and Scandinavians look Asian?


Since I am Asian myself, I am very busy looking like my child.

Just for information, I was born here and I'm actually German, how should I put it ?! So the only thing that I'm Asian about me is my appearance. I'm Vietnamese: D (brown eyes, dark brown-almost black hair, rather light 'Asian' complexion, relatively tall for an Asian woman, quite high nose, normal eyes - maybe a bit 'smaller' but not 'slit eyes') Very much in character joyful and as my friends lovingly describe me: crazy & unique. But I'm really crazy haha ​​xD

I also think that I'll have a 'white' man later because I'm more into these guys and not Asian (there are already many who look very good but have no idea: D) An important reason is that I live here and I am not planning to emigrate to Asia. I would like to stay here in Germany or maybe even move to America or something similar.

Ok ... now we come to the real ^^ Let's say my husband is really 'typical' European speaks blue eyes, blonde-almost white hair, very light skin color, tall and what I know: D Let's tell his parents xD haha my imagination

What would our child look like then? I don't really care, but I'm a little curious. I would like to see something European. Because I think that's very special.

Two old friends of mine are half-Thai and you can hardly see anything European. But only last week I saw two small (very pretty) half-Vietnamese women (I would estimate 4.6) and literally fell in love - The mother black hair, brown eyes, very fair complexion. Father dark blonde-brown hair, brown eyes (I think) and yes, German stop xD The older daughter has fine, rather black hair but very beautiful eyes, skin color is already Asian but very, very light. The younger hazelnut beautiful hair is like her sister. You can tell that both of them are mixed race (the younger one a bit more). Definitely beautiful ..

Let's say the child is like one of the two above. She, in turn, has a typical European man. Will the blue prevail then? Or even blonde hair - If not then just keep going. So nothing more Asian in the generations: D What actually interests me is how 'far' you can see the Asian gene? If it goes on in this 'typical' way, does anyone look completely European / Western? Can you see someone's 1/16 Asian gene out? Although the parents and no idea who - have as beautiful as I call it 'typical' (blue eyes, blonde hair)?

I hope someone has managed this long text and can answer this for me :) Anyway, I would be really very happy ..

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