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After Corona: We are particularly looking forward to these 12 things

It's that time again: the lockdown is imminent. Almost all things that are fun are banned in November. What we are left with is dreaming of a life in which we can safely ride the subway, meet friends in smoky, overcrowded bars and kiss people we have just met and maybe even take them to our own bed. Here are the 12 things that make us especially happy when the corona pandemic is over.

visit relatives

A day with relatives is not always nice. Sometimes it stretches like chewing gum and sometimes you are pretty exhausted from eating cake for hours and telling what you actually learn in your studies. But right now, in times of crisis, many people want to reassure their families that they are there for them. They want to hug grandma, who is already lonely and now even more lonely. Listen to her tell about the past. We are now realizing that their knowledge of life in times of crisis is priceless. And we should remember that when the crisis is over. And our love for grandparents and parents, siblings and aunts.

Drinking beer in a full, smoky bar

A babble of voices, stuffy air and a lot of people in a small space. Doesn't sound like a pleasant place to be. And yet we miss the beer-filled evenings in Berlin's bars and pubs. We look forward to being able to throw rounds with shots again and stumble home at night, past sofas and cupboards that were left behind, on which the first sprayers have already left their tags. And we miss the feeling when you go to the pub toilet and notice that you are already sitting pretty. Bars are definitely one of the 12 things we look forward to during the Corona crisis.

Eating out in a restaurant

A trademark of Berlin is the culinary variety for relatively little money. Here you can eat dishes from all possible countries or try out hundreds of different Vietnamese restaurants and still not know all of them afterwards. Normally now would be the time when we would eat curries, pizza or tapas by candlelight while the rain pattered against the windows from outside. Of course it will still be possible this weekend, but that is little consolation.

Take the subway with confidence

Yes, it may sound strange, but also taking the subway is one of the 12 things we look forward to during the Corona crisis. We already miss it, before the lockdown, to ride the subway in the normal hustle and bustle. We miss the hustle and bustle on Hermannplatz on Friday evenings at half past ten, we miss the salespeople of the street newspapers and the guys with their jukeboxes on the U8.

Use a basket without fear when shopping

The German supermarkets have introduced some precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus, but does anyone actually clean the handles of the carrying baskets? The final boss in the Corona crisis, i.e. the instruction not to touch your face, is in any case even more urgent after shopping with a carrying basket. We look forward to the times when we can happily stroll through the supermarket, swinging our shopping basket.

Celebrate in the club

The many sweaty bodies on the dance floor, the darkness interrupted by flickering lights, the bass, especially the bass: the first party after the Corona crisis will be legendary. Hardly anything can be compared to the feeling when the bass penetrates the whole body and hundreds of people move and dance in the same rhythm, each for himself, but together. For months we have been thinking longingly of the first night of dancing and the moment when we come out of the club and blink into the morning light, broken and tired, but happy. And when the queue in front of Berghain is as short as in this picture on Saturday evening or Sunday morning: Jackpot!


Almost everything is closed, including the swimming pools. For people with back problems, this means a particularly severe cut. Because swimming keeps you fit and is a miracle cure for back pain. It also lets you forget everyday life: with the gurgling of the water in your ears, you can easily fall into a trance-like state, which increases with every lap you swim. And the smell, whether in the indoor or outdoor pool, brings back childhood memories. Believe it or not, even the slight odor of urine mixed with chlorine is one of the 12 things we can't wait to see when the pools hopefully reopen in December.


When the days get shorter and darker, the wanderlust grows in many people. Especially after last summer, many people are thirsting to experience other cultures, perhaps to eat seafood right by the sea and to sit on the beach in the evening in T-shirts. Because most of them stayed in Germany this year. That will certainly not change in the next few months. Skiing holidays will probably fall flat and those who traditionally spend Christmas in the tropics will probably have to reschedule this year too. We too think longingly about our next trip and dream of sandy beaches and summer.

Kiss, cuddle, fuck

People need closeness and contact, they want to be hugged. Right now, when we so desperately need physical closeness, it is denied to us. Sex films can only help a little in a crisis. We can't even make out briefly with the cute boy on the dance floor, sit cuddled up with friends on a rancid sofa in the club or throw ourselves into the night and spend the next morning in a strange bed next to the sex partner wake up one night.

Oh, how happy we are when we can make out, cuddle and fuck again. Fuck yeah, fucking is definitely one of the 12 things we look forward to during the Corona crisis. By the way: Envy of people in relationships is not always worthwhile: A couples therapist explains to you what such a corona crisis means for sex.

Sink into a cinema seat

We're already missing the cinema again. In autumn we can't sink into crumple cinema chairs for at least a month and share a jumbo cup of popcorn with friends. Of course we can also watch films at home, streaming is one of the few things that are still possible in lockdown. But it's not the same as sitting in the cinema: The sound is worse, the screen is tiny compared to the screen and sometimes your own sofa is even more uncomfortable than the cinema seats.

House parties

House parties are anything between partying in the club and chilling out with friends at home. Nowhere else is it easier to make new contacts, there is hardly any other place where you can drink cheap courage to speak to the person you love later. The music is often moderate, the lighting is often too bright and the kitchen is far too crowded with people. Even so, house parties are just fun and now that they are banned the cravings for them are much greater. Even bad house parties are among the 12 things we look forward to during the Corona crisis! Incidentally, celebrating your own small house parties with yourself or your roommates in social isolation is one of the things that you should not do at home even during the Corona crisis.

Go to the cinema, to the theater and to exhibitions

Yes, we can now also experience culture digitally - the streaming offer is huge. We can watch streams of theater performances and take a virtual tour of museums. It's nice, but it's not the same as strolling through a museum or looking from the dark audience at the illuminated stage. Or stroll through a museum and soak in the atmosphere of empty rooms with high ceilings. During the virtual tours, the screen flickers in front of your eyes and makes you tired, in the museum it's the other way round: sometimes pictures get sharper if you stand in front of them long enough. Or more blurry, and that can be nice too. In any case, the calm that lies over you when you step from picture to picture and immerse yourself in it is incomparable.

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