How can you learn in a library

Study tips: The library

The library plays an important role in studies. Here you can browse thousands of books and magazines to collect facts for your speaker, your term paper or thesis, study in peace or use the offer to prepare for exams without distraction. And that's why you should definitely know your way around the library.

At the beginning of their studies, many students are reluctant to use the library. University libraries are usually very large and you quickly lose track of things in the midst of books, magazines, digital archives and much more. Nevertheless, it is not a good alternative to avoid the library, because you will definitely need it during your studies.

Introduction to the library

An introduction to the library is usually given as part of the orientation week, including an extensive tour. If you missed this tour, you can use notices or the library's homepage to find out when further information events will be offered. There are usually several times per semester. You should take advantage of this opportunity for everyone, because it makes getting started and the first step into the bib all the easier.

Libraries have a large repertoire

In the age of digital change, libraries no longer only contain books, but also, for example, extensive magazine collections and access to large digital databases.

Both are very important and to be well known. The use of databases in particular is a bit cumbersome and therefore scares off many. But magazines and databases are very important for getting the latest information on a topic. By the time a book is published, the information it contains is quickly outdated. However, journals and databases always have the latest published knowledge on a topic.

Tip: Use other libraries as well

Sometimes going to the university library can also be frustrating because you can't get an urgently needed book or there are many pre-orders from other students that can all be borrowed before you. You should therefore also look at municipal and other libraries. This is a possibility that is used less often and therefore offers a higher chance of success. For example, the search engine of the Austrian Library Association is helpful for searching for specific books.

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