What should you not do in life

Stop having! 15 things to do before you turn 30

30 is such a magical number for many of us. Anyone who is already 30 or is about to turn 30 will know what we are talking about. Before that, everything is somehow more non-binding and relaxed, but when the magic 30 comes up, we will draw a summary of our life so far. We look at what we have already achieved, what we still urgently want to do and what is really important to us.

There are actually a few things that should be done by this age. Which are they? We have written 15 things together - let's see how far you have come on this spoon list.

1. Discover a new city - alone

Travel alone once. Preferably in a big city. There you are not lonely and you can do an endless amount of things. Be it a flying visit to beautiful Nuremberg or a visit to a musical in Hamburg: it will certainly not be boring and you will see the foreign city with completely different eyes when you are on your own.

2. Say thank you

No longer just being a child, but actively caring for your parents - you should have done that before you are 30, too. They wore themselves out for you all their lives and now it's your turn to say thank you to them and return the favor. Be there for them, spend time with them, help where it is appropriate - before they have to ask yourself. Parents are infinitely valuable.

3. Have seen at least 5 capital cities in the world

Whoever stays at home never changes perspective. Travel educates and you return home with lots of new impressions and wishes. Really everyone should go away from time to time in their lives and get to know other countries and cultures with open eyes. Therefore you should plan to have seen at least five capitals of this world by your 30th birthday.

4. Push your physical limits

It doesn't have to be a marathon, maybe a small half-marathon or the eight-week fitness bootcamp. The main thing is that you feel your limits, test yourself, get to know your body. You will see: You can do a lot more than your lousy bastard always claims - and that's really good.

5. Have applied for your dream job

The first steps in the job are not always easy. You put out your feelers, see what suits you and what doesn't. But you should always believe in yourself and go your own way. And not just any, but the direct route to his dream job. Think big! You must have at least tried to make your dreams come true. So go ahead: send your application to your favorite company. What should happen? You will regret it forever if you haven't at least tried.

6. Know who is with you

You have a lot of good friends in life. Not all of them stay. Often you lose sight of your best friend from kindergarten at some point and the children in the neighborhood, with whom you played on the street, are drawn out into the world. But there are also those who stay. Everyone should have their very best friend, one they can always count on. And by the age of 30 you should know who this special person is for you.

7. Separate yourself from things in life that are not good for you

You should also learn this at a young age: There are people who are not doing you any good. And then you should also see that and separate yourself from these people. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to hold onto friendships and acquaintances that only make you unhappy.

8. Make a declaration of love from the bottom of your heart

This point is an absolute must: Everyone, really everyone, should have found a (maybe even HIS) great love by the age of 30. At least each of us should have said "I love you" from the bottom of our hearts and know the feeling of being bursting with love.

9. Fall down once, straighten the crown and move on

Things don't always go well in life. That’s true about the pony farm. But you also emerge stronger from crises, learn from them and draw your conclusions. Each of us will fall on our faces at some point in our lives. But that happens to everyone. And from a certain age on you don't throw yourself on the floor, roaring loudly, but get up, straighten your crown and walk on.

10. Make yourself a fool of yourself

You have to work perfectly all the time and do everything right: you have to break out every now and then. It's just good to do something totally crazy from time to time, no matter what other people think of you.

11. Make a decision based on your gut instinct

Advice is good and gold, but sometimes you just have to listen to your own gut feeling, ignore all the good tips and just do it. Trust yourself and your assessment. Sometimes you just have to dare to do something. Again, that's something you should do before you're 30.

12. Save for a big dream

Bring the big piggy bank and throw in the bills. If you have big dreams, you sometimes need the right budget to make them come true. Everyone should have saved up for something big at some point. Fulfilling a dream on your own with the hard-earned money is a great feeling. Whether it's a trip around the world or a car or just really fat boxes for the music system: you and your piggy bank made it!

13. Go through a night until morning

Dance all the way through the night until the first birds start to sing and the sun slowly rises: It's a very special feeling that you can't describe, that you have to experience. Just do it and, in the truest sense of the word, don't think about tomorrow.

14. Be alone and enjoy it

There is a difference between being alone and being alone. If you can never be alone, but always need external input, you will miss a lot. Because these are important breaks that you should allow yourself to rest in yourself and not to exhaust yourself completely. This is not yet clear to you at 20, but somewhere on the way to 30 you begin not only to endure being alone, but to consciously enjoy it.

15. Impose a prohibition on yourself

Let's not kid ourselves: we live in abundance and we are doing damn well here in Germany. So it's good to know how to appreciate it. For example, by forcing yourself to do without things for a while. How about, for example, a shopping ban for a few months or you don't drink alcohol or eat sweets for two months. This is how you learn to do without and to enjoy things more and more consciously. The first glass of wine and the first piece of chocolate will definitely taste great.

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