Which companies offer internships for engineering students

Despite the corona crisis: students find an internship in these companies

“I applied to several companies and only received rejections,” complains user LuisaKL765 in the “Studis Online” forum. She is desperately looking for an internship and ventures her frustration anonymously online. The reason for the many rejections: Due to the Corona crisis, companies are hardly offering any internships this year.

Like forum member Luisa, there are more and more students in Germany. This impression has now been confirmed by a current evaluation of the online job portal Glassdoor. It shows: Compared to the previous year, the number of internships has almost halved. While 42,606 internship positions were advertised on May 4th in 2019, there are only 22,581 advertisements this year.

Students who are still looking for one of the coveted places can still find it. The job platform's survey also shows which companies currently have the most offers for interns. The ranking is led by two car manufacturers: According to this, there are a total of 213 advertisements from Audi followed by 174 advertisements from Porsche. Most of the offers from the Bavarian car manufacturer apply to the company's headquarters in Ingolstadt.

We are looking for young talents - usually starting in August - who want to gain an insight into sales, the human resources department or product development. At Porsche, we are also looking for interns in the areas of data science or e-mobility. With Continental, there is also a supplier to the automotive industry in the ranking.