How does energy healing work

Reconnective Healing®

The client absorbs new information in cells and DNA, whereby the self-healing and regeneration process can be stimulated on various levels (physical, psychological, emotional, mental). This often life-changing experience continues even after the session is over and helps people to use the higher vibrations for their own wellbeing.

Reconnective Healing® differs very much from common practices such as Jin Shin, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing and others and goes far beyond any technique known to the professional world.

Quantum physics confirms the first access to an immensely larger level of healing, which not only consists of energy, but also of light and information.

Reconnective Healing®can be used in all areas and for all diseases. It has no side effects or aggravations. You do not have to be spiritually trained or particularly mentally gifted. It just works.

Treat yourself to this unique experience. Often 1-3 sessions are enough.

“Healing is about balance, not symptoms, that would be treatment or therapy. We know today that the body does not heal through chemicals, but through vibration, information, resonance and energyenergy. These things are communicated through light ”.