What is the Uber headquarters address

Three ways to contact Uber

Forgot your wallet and suspect it is under your driver's seat from last night? Or the trip didn't go as well as expected and you want to let us know? Maybe you just have suggestions for improvement? Then you can easily contact Uber. We would like to introduce you to the options available here.

In-app support

Imagine that you left something in the car and now want to contact the driver. This is not a problem: Simply tap on the relevant trip under Trips in the app, then go to the menu item “I've lost something” and then to “Contact the driver about a lost item”. You will then be asked to provide your telephone number and will be put in contact with the driver anonymously. If you can't reach the driver directly, leave him a message or try again later. If everything went well, all you have to do is arrange a meeting point with your driver that is suitable for both of you. The handover works without any problems.


You don't have the app to hand at the moment? This is also not a problem, you can also easily reach Uber via your browser. Just click on the link or give help.uber.com and you can find answers to frequently asked questions or search for your question using a keyword. Regardless of whether the login to your account is not working or you don't know how to book a ride - you can also find help on general topics at help.uber.com. And if your question isn't already listed, you can log in to report issues with your own account. Usually you will get an answer within 24 hours. Uber aims to get every passenger to their destination comfortably and safely, so don't hesitate to let our customer care team know if something is on your mind.