What are some good staff guidelines

What Are Some Good Guidelines When Designing A Website For The Telecommunications Business? [Closed]


There are no real guidelines to follow, just non-written rules. Being a good web designer takes years of reading, experimenting, etc. So it's very difficult to give you "some guidelines".

What you can do, however, is find a template on www.themeforest.net and customize it to suit your needs (really cheap, even with WordPress which is the leader in free CMSbusiness). If you don't want to buy a template it is still good to have a look around as there are damn good designers on this website.

When looking at their designs, keep the following in mind:

  • Check out how they got things apart (based mostly on the 960 grid).
  • Check out how they create depth with subtle gradients
  • Look at how to focus on "call to action" what is most important
  • Take a look at the backend (how clean the code is)

However, if you really want to learn some web design basics, here is a start for you:

Also learn more about jQuery, just google the best JQuery plugins 2010 (or 2011) and read, read, read.

Hope this helps you :)

Marcus Hansson

All of these are wonderful guides and what not (especially smashing magazines that I've read before). But via this last link in the comment; I'm not a visual artist or designer, but most of what has been given away on this site looks absolutely terrible.


I actually agree, they got awards anyway, so they have to do something right. Actually, if I take a closer look, I don't understand why they got awards too

Alan Gilbertson

@ Luuk, I wouldn't say "you have to do something right". I would say there's a great example of why awards aren't what designers should be interested in.


@ Alan Gilbertson I'm looking for some awards. E.g. dopeawards.com