Why do people use money clips

That's why you need a money clip too!

How are you carrying your money around with you right now? Because how you do it says a lot about you. There's the old-fashioned guy who still stuffs everything into a wallet. We don't even want to talk about what you still need from it. There you will find not only tons of change, receipts, discount cards and various pieces of paper, but also chewing gum and condoms. Most of the time, the wallet is much too thick and is rather unfavorably stuffed into any trouser pocket or the back pocket. Unfortunately, it never looks good, and it's also incredibly uncomfortable to sit or drive in a car. Some pants are so strained that they even break and get holes in the place where the wallet is always stowed. In addition, the wallet looks worn and old very quickly when it is pulled out and put back again. It is also easy prey for pickpockets. Especially in summer in thinner and short pants, a large purse is also very uncomfortable to carry. Or are you one of those people who carry their money around with them loosely in their pockets? Of course, it is practical that you always have the money to hand. Unfortunately, it's also pretty wrinkled and looks a bit messy. Each of these variants is not really optimal. But the solution to the riddle is not that difficult.

The money clip - the ideal companion for you

If you are fed up with taking a huge wallet with you or carrying everything scattered around in your pocket, a money clip is ideal for you. The days when money clips were only for the very elegant businessmen in tuxedos are clearly over. Everyone should take advantage of this chic and practical money storage facility. Your banknotes are finely folded and fixed with the money clip. So nothing gets mixed up and the banknotes always stay wrinkle-free. It is not possible to accidentally lose the banknotes. You can also stow your credit cards securely in the money clip in the credit card case. You will love the light feeling!

Which money clip should I use?

As different as every man is, the range of money clips on offer is just as different. Because a money clip is not only practical, it is also a special accessory and jewelry. With a chic money clip you can set accents and choose a money clip from the wide range that particularly emphasizes your type. Many well-known designers now offer money clips. Maybe your favorite designer will be there too. You can also choose between different versions. Whether gold-plated or silver-plated, made of carbon, very noble in platinum, with or without a personal engraving, with a special, stamped pattern or completely smooth, there are no limits to your imagination. Even if you prefer leather or stainless steel, there are money card clips in matching designs. Even different colors are possible if you have a favorite color. There are very simple money clips that are still a chic accessory or very elaborately designed, for example with a credit card case, that look as chic as a piece of jewelry. If you suffer from allergies, a titanium money clip is recommended. This metal is absolutely hypoallergenic and is also used in surgery.

What do I do with my change?

When do you even have change? If you observe very closely for a few days what you spend money on and what you get back as change, you will notice that it is not that much change. Maybe a few coins in the supermarket and in the burger shop. Otherwise you will surely pay most of the money by credit card. In the places where you pay cash and possibly get coins back, there are very often small donation boxes at the cash register. Be nice and just throw your change in there. For example, you can support children in need. You won't get richer if you hoard every penny and most of the time you never pay with all that loose change anyway. So you can also use it for a good cause or give it as a tip. The mostly poorly paid service staff are very happy about this and they definitely deserve it. If you don't want to do without your coins, there are even money clips with an integrated coin compartment. In the near future, however, coin money will probably disappear completely from the scene anyway, as it is simply outdated. Many businesses no longer make prices with cents. A great idea to fulfill a special wish is to collect the euro coins immediately at home in a piggy bank. It is unbelievable how quickly such a large sum accumulates that can be well used elsewhere.

Pay in style with the perfect accessories

Everyone knows that: you go out with a really great woman in the evening and would like to invite her to dinner. You have a great evening that is now drawing to a close, at least in the restaurant, and you ask for the bill. She is happy that you are so generous and invite her. You slide back and forth in your chair, embarrassed, because you can't get your wallet out of your pocket. When you finally have it outside, you first rummage between the receipts for the bills and she watches the whole time. In the worst case, you will lose an embarrassing receipt for the athlete's foot cream from the pharmacy and the evening couldn't end more stupidly. But of course that doesn't have to be the case. You can pull out a money clip quickly and easily. In addition, a money clip always looks elegant and never scuffed. So you can pay in style and are sure to leave a very good impression. The same applies when you are out with friends or work colleagues. You will be especially happy when your boss or business partner is there and you pull out your precious money clip in a relaxed manner and show without words that you really have style. A huge wallet really has no place in a suit. But you still have to take money with you. Again, the solution is very simple, you need a money clip. This is how a successful evening comes to a really elegant end and who knows what good cooperation or future prospects will be sealed on such an evening.

Security and money clip

If you keep your money in a money clip, you can take it with you wherever you go, inconspicuously in your pocket. This makes it very difficult for pickpockets. A thick wallet in the back pocket can be seen from afar. A subtle money clip, on the other hand, is not noticeable. In addition, the individual banknotes are firmly secured with the money clip and they cannot fall out of your pocket as they are weighted down by the money clip. Credit cards are just as safe if you have a money clip with a credit card case.

Order and money clip

Since the money clip is there to keep your money safe and maybe a few credit cards, you really only carry these important things with you. All other things that are usually quickly put in the wallet have to be sorted out, disposed of or filed away immediately. In this way, the money clip helps you to keep even more order. For important papers such as a driver's license or registration, a small leather folder is recommended in which everything is well stored and which does not always have to be taken with you. Now you've read a lot about money clips and you can't wait to finally get a money clip as a chic accessory or jewelry. With it you can finally store your banknotes safely and, above all, very stylishly. Whether you choose a money clip with a credit card case or without it is of course up to you. Or maybe you want to surprise someone you love with a money clip. He is sure to be happy about the practical and noble jewelry. For women, too, there are finally very chic money clips that fit in the smallest handbag. The money clip becomes particularly personal with an engraving. Make sure to choose something as material that goes with the other accessories of the man. For example, if he already has silver jewelry, choose a silver money clip. If you know he often pays by credit card, watch out for a money clip with a credit card case. In any case, a money clip is a purchase or a gift that you can enjoy for a very long time. Have fun choosing your own money clip or one provided as a gift.