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World Photo Day - the international World Photo Day

Pull out the cameras and take pictures. Because photo fans all over the world celebrate the August 19th as World Photo Day (often also: World Photography Day - dt. World Photo Day). Snap, snap. At least if the Australian Korske Ara has its way, who launched this day of action in 2010. Which is why this occasion has its own post in the calendar of strange holidays from all over the world deserves, says the present article. But one after anonther.

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What is World Photo Day about?

The name says it all, so to speak, because with World Photo Day, according to the maker, an international event is to be celebrated in which the passion and passion for photography are the focus.

Accordingly, all photographers are invited to post or share their favorite pictures on the website and the social media channels of the World Photo Day (see also the list of further links below and of course the contributions to the Day of Pinhole Photography (each on the last Sunday in April) or National Nature Photography Day on June 15).

Why are we celebrating World Photo Day on August 19th?

In contrast to many other curious holidays and action days gathered here, in the case of World Photo Day there is a historical justification for the choice of the date. Specifically, the Australian is referring to August 19, 1839, on which the Paris Academy of Sciences and Fine Arts acquired the patent for the so-called daguerreotype and made it available to the general public (see also the article on the American Day in detail National Camera Day on June 29th).

Whether there is a further substantive connection to the International Bow Day, also celebrated today, the National Aviation Day in the USA, the day of spicy food (National Aviation Day) Hot and Spicy Food Day), the US American Day of the Potato (English National Potato Day) or the International Day of the Orangutan (English International Orangutan Day), I could not find out in the course of research.

Who started World Photo Day?

As already mentioned at the beginning, photo fans have been celebrating World Photo Day since 2010. The original idea or initiative for this global event goes back to the Australian photographer Korske Ara and dates back to 2009 (see also the websites listed below).

Originally started as a small one-man project, Ara can now fall back on a whole range of helpers who support World Photo Day and its website.

With this in mind: Take out your camera and have a great World Photo Day to all of you. No matter where in the world you are celebrating this occasion. :)

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