Why is balance so important in life

Finding balance, that's why it's so important and that's how you succeed

Living a balanced life is one of the greatest challenges. We learn early on to ignore the clear signals from our body and soul. Be it in school, in our family or in dealing with other children.

If you feel “not so good” today, that is often no reason to stay at home (not later, either, right? Just think about it, if a colleague stayed at home because of this, how would you feel? Legitimate? Probably more likely Not…).

The desire for alone time, for rest and relaxation often seems strange in our social fabric. Why do i know? As a child, I wandered alone through meadows, fields and forests for hours. I think my parents got worried about me at some point, but for me it was just an act of balancing my life.

So now that we've spent years, maybe decades, out of balance, it's time to get back there. By the way, balance doesn't (just) mean that from now on you just have to (want to) be alone!

No, it's about listening to your own natural wishes and signals, accepting them and pursuing them. This should be a lot easier for you with the following 5 steps:


1. Set your priorities

I have written several times about the importance of looking at your life Yours Align priorities and not those of your partner, your mom, your boss, your girlfriend or Aunt Elfriede.

What is important to you? For me these are my freedom, my spirituality, time for myself, my dog ​​and my family. I give you enough space in my life.

Find out what the cornerstones of your life are and focus on them. By the way, you alone know what is right and important for you here!

By the way, it is quite normal and natural for your priorities to change! Believe me, I can tell you a song about it. With the positive pregnancy test, mine first turned upside down. To put it with Reinhard Mey: "And then what seems big and important to us would suddenly become void and small".

Look inside yourself and try to find the priorities that you just carry around with you out of habit. I am sure you will uncover some!


2. Put an end to nothing

That’s where we’ll go to step # 2. Kick the nothing out of your life. What stresses you unnecessarily, where do you think to yourself: "DO NOT LIKE!", What are distractions, time wasters and annoying to-dos in your life?

Decimate the time you waste on them and turn to the really important things!


3. Take care of yourself

Not only your physical, but also your mental health will be happy about sufficient attention!

Provide your body with all the nutrients, exercise in nature, take enough breaks and find something to do where you can really relax.


4. Your life is happening now

Not yesterday or tomorrow, but right now. Be present and for heaven's sake stop multitasking! When you're doing a task, doing yoga, or hanging out with loved ones, that's exactly what you're focusing on.

Don't think about what you have to do afterwards, it will only keep you from making the best of this moment.


5. Enjoy life

Balance means that fun and happiness are not neglected. Sure, you can always find new methods with which you can push yourself to peak performance. But let's be honest: that's not all of life!

If you let go, you have both hands free.

Integrate enough enjoyment into your life, it can be your favorite dish, a nice book, a coffee date with a dear friend, a hobby ... Life is there to be enjoyed to the full!

Achieving the "perfect" balance in life is probably an illusion for many of us. Our scales will always lean a little to one side or the other.

Stay tuned anyway and try to recognize these tendencies in direction early on. Because this is the only way you can ensure that your life does not get completely out of balance. In this way you will not only make your life more efficient, but also happier and more relaxed!


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