Do you like your pizza crispy

8 x pizza luck from the oven: from veggie to sweet

A homemade pizza can do a lot: satisfy your cravings with the first bite. Step in as a sweet and savory comforter of the soul. Just interrupt your diet (it's worth it every time). Combine your favorite ingredients. Just ignore meat. Even score points as a low-carb meal. But above all, pizza can do one thing - gather your friends around one table and keep everyone full and satisfied. These 8 crispy flat cakes are just the beginning of many sociable hours and a long list of your favorite pizzas.

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Crunchy breakfast pizza

You no longer just spoon the yellow of the egg comfortably out of the shell, but recently also at breakfast from your pizza. Well, you can actually save yourself the spoon, because it is enough if you bite hard. Then you get asparagus and pesto with one bite. To the recipe

Crispy pizza with grilled vegetables

Here comes together what has to come together: You, your terrace and in front of you a crispy summer pizza with all kinds of grilled vegetables. From cherry tomatoes to zucchini to eggplant, concentrated veggie power spreads. You like mushrooms but your friends don't? Top your pizza with whatever you want and whatever your vegetable drawer has to offer. To the recipe

Pizza with goat cheese, strawberries and nectarines

There's nothing like goat cheese? Oh yes: for example goat cheese with a fruity-sweet topping of strawberries or nectarines, refined with fresh mint, basil and lime sugar. Your airy, crispy, golden brown pizza dough couldn't have anything better to offer in summer. To the recipe

Multi-colored pizza from the tray

Take action and let off steam - sprinkle sun-yellow corn on fruity tomato sauce. Crumbs of feta with black olives. Spread out slices of chorizo. Pluck the ham out of its mold and give strips of pepper and mushrooms enough space to work. At the very end you let Emmentaler and mozzarella rain down - et voilĂ , a masterpiece of your good taste. To the recipe

Small format pizza: artichoke pizzette

You just can't say no to these crispy minis. In addition to wafer-thin potato slices, melting mountain cheese and tender artichoke hearts, the small pizzas have another trump card to offer - a dollop of fresh pesto with roasted pine nuts. To the recipe

Hawaiian pizza with BBQ sauce and bacon

Don't look back on all those years without barbecue sauce under diced ham and pineapple. And don't worry about missing bacon crumbs and onion rings that weren't fused with the mozzarella on your Hawaiian pizza. From now on, you will never eat them any other way again. To the recipe

Crispy pizza with salad and pesto dressing

Tuna, ham, mushrooms - make room on the pizza. Crisp lettuce leaves are now spreading out on the crispy baked flatbread. You don't need tomato sauce, melted mozzarella and brie form the basis on which the delicious pesto dressing drips from the fresh leaves. To the recipe

Pizza Parma with burrata and salad

In the "creamy versus creamy" duel, there can only be one winner: Burrata beats Mozzarella. Together with wafer-thin Parma ham and fresh basil, not only the colors of the flag, but also the fine taste of Italy are reflected on your pizza. To the recipe