Who is a web developer

What does a web developer do?

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Application developerThose who have specialized in web technologies have to be able to do significantly more than the traditionally static, technically clear websites. With the scope, complexity and dynamics of web applications, the demands on developers also increase.

What are your tasks?

You face the challenge because you are one hundred percent Digital native and are at home on the internet? Here you can find out what to expect if you decide to start working as a web developer.

As a web developer or web engineer (also called web or multimedia programmer) you design and develop web-based software solutions - in short: web applications. In addition to planning the design and architecture, you will also take care of the further development, maintenance and subsequent optimization of existing websites or web applications.

In contrast to pure application developers, you use Hypermedia documents together with the browser as a user interface. There are also conceptual differences with regard to the presentation of content and site navigation. Your tasks as a web developer include programming server-side scripts and the interfaces between different systems (system integration). You are also responsible for the development and connection of databases as well as the management of the authoring and editing systems.

Typically you lead as a web developerRequirements analysis through and implement automated tests as well as server and / or browser-side code. For company websites with a global focus, internationalization and localization processes must also be carried out.

When it comes to developing web services or APIs, you may only be dealing with web developers. As a rule, however, you will work with web designers and concepters from design to implementation in order to keep an eye on the visual design and technical feasibility. In many interdisciplinary teams Marketing experts and e-business strategists are also involved.

Where can you work?

Web developers are in almost everyone Internet, media and full service agency found, as well as in most organizations with their own IT department. Larger companies, especially in the area of ​​e-commerce (e.g. online shopping, paid content), are also dependent on professional web developers. Likewise, the operators are highly complex Portal systemssuch as forums and community websites.