How can I decorate my balcony garden

Design and furnish the balcony

Wooden furniture is best placed on a south-facing balcony. Why? They dry much faster than on a shady north-facing balcony. The best way to design the balcony therefore also depends on its orientation. You can read our best tips and ideas for a successful balcony design here.

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Take a step outside and enjoy the sun, that's the wonderful thing about a balcony. If you want to make your retreat into a very special place, you should consider a few things when setting up. Often you have to budget with little space on a balcony: folding furniture and decorative elements that hang on the wall save a lot of space. The direction of the compass should also be very important for the design of the balcony. It determines whether the balcony gets a lot of sunlight or whether it leads a shadowy existence even in midsummer. Both are important requirements for the right balcony furniture, sun protection and plants on the balcony.

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Ideas for the south-facing balcony

A south-facing balcony provides the best conditions for sunny hours outdoors. Facing south, the sun's rays reach the balcony almost all day. The most important piece of furniture on a south-facing balcony should therefore be one Place to sunbathe be. If the balcony is big enough, it could be a sun lounger, but comfortable folding chairs are also suitable.