Should I move to Denmark?

Move to Denmark

Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world and the Danes are among the happiest people in Europe. Denmark is part of the top 10 most popular emigration countries and has a lot to offer: The country's economy is booming, the landscapes are impressive, real estate is cheap and the education system has a very good reputation. In addition, the Nordic Kingdom has a respected democracy and a low unemployment rate. The only thing the Danes lack are skilled workers - and you can take advantage of that. Danish companies are now inviting Germans to information days with free shuttle buses from Flensburg or Kiel. Many German skilled workers already live and work in Denmark. The Danes are helpful and communicative. This makes it easier to get started in the foreign language. Do you want to emigrate and Denmark comes first? Moving auction has summarized everything you need to know.

Table of Contents
  1. Entry requirements for Denmark: visa and job placement
  2. Moving Denmark: living and working
  3. Emigrate to Denmark: tips & tricks for moving
  4. Check your financial resources
  5. Avoid renting a pickup truck
  6. Book a rental car for the move
  7. Move to Denmark with a forwarding agency
  8. Restrictions when moving to Denmark

1. Entry requirements for Denmark: Visa and job placement

You do not have to meet any special requirements to enter Denmark, as the country is a member of the European Union. As a German citizen, you can enter Denmark without any problems and do not need a visa or a work permit to live in Denmark. You only need a residence permit if you are staying in the country for more than three months. You get it relatively unbureaucratically if you can show an employment contract. Qualified specialists such as IT specialists and doctors as well as craftsmen are in great demand in Denmark. If you are still looking for a job, you can find out more from the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce.

2. Moving Denmark: living and working

  • Language: If you emigrate to Denmark, you have to learn Danish. With an intensive language course, you will learn the language very quickly. The Danish Embassy can provide information on current Danish courses.
  • Living: The housing situation in Denmark is different than in Germany. Many Danes have their own house and it is difficult to find an apartment. We advise emigrants to stay in a holiday home in Denmark first and then look around. There are few realtors and most residential properties are rented out through labels in the front yard or through contacts. It is almost impossible to look after a rental property from Germany. Moving to Denmark can therefore be a bit tedious.
  • Cost of living: Rents are generally cheaper in Denmark than in Germany, with the exception of Copenhagen. There you pay at least 1,000 euros basic rent for an 80 square meter apartment. Many Germans live in Denmark as retirees because rent and living expenses are cheaper there.

3. Emigrate to Denmark: Tips & tricks for moving

Before entering Denmark and moving, you should consider the following important points:

4. Check your financial resources

Before you start moving to Denmark, think about what budget you can spend on your move. If you want to take all your household items with you, you need a shipping company - and that is expensive. If you can do without a lot of things, your own car is sometimes enough to move. Or you can transport your most important belongings in your own car and have larger pieces of furniture or other boxes delivered as an additional load, bulky goods or in a container. Here you can find out everything about moving costs.

5. Avoid renting a pickup truck

If possible, you should find other ways to transport your belongings to Denmark. Car rental companies charge hefty surcharges for using a pickup truck abroad and there are hardly any cheap offers for trips abroad. Get alternative moving offers!

6. Book a rental car for the move!

If you need a second car to move to Denmark, you can rent another car in addition to your private vehicle, which is free for use abroad. Ask the respective landlord about the conditions beforehand. Under no circumstances should you secretly drive abroad, it can be dearly for you, and the landlord has the right to tow away the vehicle and shut it down immediately.

7. Move to Denmark with a shipping company

If you have to take your entire household with you, you can hire a forwarding agent to move it to Denmark. The price is determined by the removal goods and the distance to the destination. Make sure the moving company is experienced in moving abroad and request a quote. Also ask about additional loads offered by many shipping companies. With this system, your removal goods are transported together with other loads.

8. Restrictions on moving to Denmark

Please note that regulations and special restrictions apply to the import and entry of objects, even though the country belongs to the European Union. The removal goods can be brought to Denmark tax-free if you already have a place of residence and are officially registered in Denmark. You can also only take items with you that you have had for at least a year. After entering Denmark, you are not allowed to resell the removal goods. The Danish government has drawn up a prohibited list of items. Some pets and breeds are not allowed to be introduced.

If you want to take your car with you to Denmark, you have to register it within two weeks and pay high fees. If you fail to register, you will incur penalty costs and your car will be confiscated.

Source: Federal Statistical Office, "Average weekly working time of selected occupational groups in Denmark in 2005 (in hours)

  • Executives (44.8 hours)
  • Soldiers (42.5 hours)
  • Machine operator, assembler (39.1 hours)
  • Craftsman (38.2 hours)
  • Scientist (38 hours)
  • Technician (35.9 hours)
  • Office workers (32.8 hours)
  • Seller (29.1 hours)