Why do some Sikhs hate Namdhari Sikhs

Ashoka Mand Ji

Ashoka Mand Ji, the first speaker, referred to the Bhagawad Gita, which says that God does not reside in temples but in every human being and that if we want to become one with Him, we should banish all desires from our hearts. He ended his address by calling not to fight in the name of God.

Sarain Singh

Sarain Singh, a Sikh representative from the Namdhari Lineage emphasized that Guru Nanak's message was also that of the unity of mankind, of which this conference is an example. “When we are one, we grow, we fall apart, we perish.” Finally, he called on people to protect nature, in which God is also contained, and pointed out that we should be careful with the dwindling water supplies.

Sarabjit mangate

Mrs. Sarabjit Mangat , a well-known artist and expert of the Punjab culture, welcomed everyone again and said: "I congratulate you on Sant Kirpal Singh's birthday, because it is your birthday too, as the saints always come for all of humanity." She underlined the thought of unity in different religions. In a beautiful picture she compared Sant Kirpal Singh's words to a seed that is planted in our hearts. If it opens up and brings forth flowers and fruits in us, it becomes possible to reach the hearts of others.

She advocated the appreciation of the mothers who shape the atmosphere in the family. This promotes the development of children and helps shape society.

She presented the plan to build a cultural heritage center in the form of a village in Kirpal Sagar, where on the one hand the old handicraft techniques are shown, but also the spiritual heritage of India, higher values ​​and the art of living are conveyed. Kabir, the great mystic from the 15th century, who is equally valued and revered by the various religious schools, will occupy a special place.

Eva choice

Eva choice, Vice President of Unity of Man Germany, began with the words of Sant Kirpal Singh: "My children are scattered all over the world, they will come together and there will be a spiritual revolution". It will be a nonviolent revolution, a revolution against the evil tendencies of the human mind that keep us away from God. She took up the idea of ​​unity by recalling how Sant Kirpal Singh once greeted his audience on one of his world trips with the words: "I turn to you as my own self". So he addressed people on the level of the soul. Not only did he teach that God is in everyone, but he had that awareness - he was competent. He saw all human beings as equal, since the same power animates us all, and therein lies the unity.

From his life story we know the incident that one of his subordinates, who had only worked for him for a few days, wept bitterly because Sant Kirpal Singh was retiring. When he asked him why he was crying, he replied: "You were the first to treat me as a person."

The problem of man is the weakness of the mind. If we overcome it, we can turn our life into a valuable “work of art” and one day leave the world with a smile.

Swami Nirmal Aarti Devaji

Swami Nirmal Aarti Devaji first recited verses in praise of God from the Hindu scriptures and the Mool mantra from the Jap Ji of the Sikhs. He said, “We want to reach God, and that is why we come to Satsang (spiritual gathering). There the soul awakens from its sleep. ”All religions say“ God is in you ”, but we look for him outside. We should get it during life, not after death.

He recalled the quotation from the Bible: "If someone says: I love God and hates his brother, he is a liar" and added: "If we remove hatred from our hearts, we will feel love."

Guru Nanak also said, "Nobody is good, nobody is bad, the same light shines in everyone." If we are satisfied, we can also convey satisfaction to others. If we meet an egoist but remain meek and loving ourselves, it will placate him.

Excerpt from the chant: I was an ignorant, bad person, through Master's blessing I received everything. My life has changed.

It is the greatness of Sant Kirpal Singh that he shows us the way in and shows the light. He concluded with the wish: "May all humanity always live in unity."

Muhammad Hameed Kausar

Muhammad Hameed Kausar from the Muslim Ahmadiyya movement stressed that the essence of Islam is love and unity. It is their philosophy to love everyone and not hate anyone. All of humanity is the family of God. Best in the family, whoever serves the most. He illustrated it with a parable:

An old man had seven sons. When he was dying, he asked her to bring him seven sticks and tie them together with string. Then he asked them to break this bundle, which they failed. He loosened the cord and gave each son a single stick to break. Now it was very easy for them. They asked what that meant. He replied, "If you hold seven together, no one can break you, if you fall apart, you will break." The cord symbolizes the saint who holds society together and connects it with God.

Loving humanity is the greatest service to God. If we give someone even a glass of water, we get peace of mind in return. God says to people: “Purify your heart and you will meet me and be connected to everyone.” So here in Kirpal Sagar we have come together to unite everyone, not by force of arms, but with the weapon of love, which is the strongest Weapon in the world is.

He shared how much Kirpal Sagar has grown and blossomed by God's grace since he first came here and that he would wish there were branches of it all over the world.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh realized with Kirpal Sagar the dream of Sant Kirpal Singh through the service of humanity.

Raj Brahma Kumari

Raj Brahma Kumari reminded us that God gave us the chance to be born human and gave the soul seven virtues. He said to the soul: "Go into the world and do good". But we have forgotten God. He keeps coming back to awaken humanity. That these virtues are actually in us is shown, for example, by the fact that anger disappears after a while. Man is made for peace, not anger. The soul is full of peace. God our Father is a great King and we are his children, but we act like beggars. And so God says, “Oh child, find your own greatness.” When our hearts are pure, it is easy to connect with others.

It is important to have a purpose in life because that shapes our habits. The road may be rocky, but that's how you develop. If it is without bumps, you become carefree and lose your way. So always keep an eye on the goal. An aimless person is like a leaf floating in the water.

An atmosphere of peace emanates from Kirpal Sagar. When we think of great souls, a vibration arises because our thoughts shape the atmosphere around us. In Kirpal Sagar you can feel the radiation of God.

Develop inner values, purify yourself and God will be reflected in your face.

Wolfgang Gerlich

Wolfgang Gerlich, Chairman of Unity of Man Austria, said that he came to Kirpal Sagar as early as 1982 when nothing was set up here. Nevertheless, a special vibration could be felt here that touched the heart. There was a lot of work to do and once they were cutting the thorny bushes, Dr. Harbhajan Singh: "You cut the outer bushes and Masters remove the inner thorn bushes." At that time he said that one day Kirpal Sagar will be a lighthouse and all that was foretold has become a reality. With Unity of Man, Sant Kirpal Singh laid a strong foundation for all of humanity. Kirpal Sagar means ocean of grace and these are not just words, but everyone who comes feels something of them. Here we can drink the water of life that is written about in all the scriptures. This is the place where people are served, the land and the soul. Serving the soul is the highest.

Baba Jagjeet Singh

Baba Jagjeet Singh, a representative of the Sikh religion said that everyone who comes here from different villages, cities and countries is very lucky. As all previous speakers mentioned: If we want to achieve love and peace in ourselves and in the world, we should listen to great personalities. Regardless of skin color or country of origin, if he has the strength to unite us with God, he is a saint. To purify our hearts, to serve humanity and to develop humility - this is what all the saints teach us.

Karamjit Singh

Finally spoke Karamjit Singh, Chairman of Unity of Man India. He thanked each individual speaker warmly with personal words. He recalled the beginnings of Kirpal Sagar and Sant Kirpal Singh's prediction that this place would become a place of pilgrimage for all humanity. Sant Kirpal Singh came to the farm in 1973 and hired Dr. Harbhajan Singh by creating a platform where all people can come together and remember God. It is a place where everything is practically realized.