What desserts do people eat for Christmas

Christmas desserts - heavenly recipes for the festival

With or without Schwips, with spicy fruit, chocolate or toffee. On the festive days there is really a lot of feasting! Here are the best recipes for heavenly Christmas desserts - from simple to sophisticated.

  1. Popular ingredients for Christmas desserts
  2. Classic Christmas desserts
  3. Christmas desserts to prepare
  4. Christmas desserts in a glass
  5. Christmas desserts with mascarpone
  6. Christmas desserts without alcohol
  7. Fast Christmas desserts

Popular ingredients for Christmas desserts

Christmas desserts are the sweet highlight of every festive meal. You can really go all out! Typical for Christmas desserts is the refinement with ingredients such as:

  • Fruits:Apple, pear, dried cranberries, pomegranate, orange, cranberries, soft apricots, frozen berries, raisins
  • Spices:Anise, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, gingerbread spice, speculoos spice, vanilla, cinnamon
  • Liqueurs:Amaretto *, baked apple liqueur, egg liqueur, coffee liqueur, gingerbread liqueur (for drizzling on pastries or for tipsy creams)
  • Cookies, Christmas cookies:Amarettini, cantuccini, dominoes, honey cake, gingerbread, gingerbread, printen, speculoos, cinnamon stars
  • Christmas syrup:Almond syrup, cinnamon syrup (for a Christmas flavor in ice cream or mousse)
  • Roasted almonds, ginger (candied), caramel bonbons *, caramel, brittle, marzipan, nougat, nuts, chocolate, crumble
  • Mulled wine, punch (for marinating fruits)
  • Preserved fruit, rum pot
  • Meringue, crème fraîche, mascarpone, quark, cream

Classic Christmas desserts

When filled, baked apples are a real treat. Almost everything goes with the sweet and sour fruit, so in addition to the classic filling made of dominoes, you can also serve a baked apple with brittle chocolate and egg whites and use cheesecake, toffifee pralines or a marzipan nut mixture for the filling. Homemade vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream then taste great as a sweet topping.

Panna cotta, tiramisu or mousse au chocolat can also be modified for Christmas with speculoos or punch cherries. For our Christmas crème brûleé, simply add some cinnamon to the milk, cream and egg mixture.


Christmas desserts to prepare

In addition to the Christmas dessert classics, layered desserts are a simple and tasty choice. You can prepare these very well because you usually only a few ingredients you need for it. Trifles are great for a Christmas in a larger groupsince you got the ingredients nicely in a large glass jar can layer. Semifreddo, or parfait, and ice cream are also very easy to prepare, as they usually have to freeze for a night. Our highlight is the coconut semifreddo with passion fruit. Exotic and beautifully Christmassy!

With our recipes for preparing Christmas desserts you will also save yourself more stress in the kitchen on the holiday.


Christmas desserts in a glass

The advantage of desserts by the glass is that you can get dessert portion directly and so prepare great can. Have you discovered a delicious layered dessert, but would like to serve it more festively? Then layer the ingredients in small dessert glasses *

Our best recipes for dessert from the glass: