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Australian cuisine - not a copy of English cuisine

In Australia, the pumpkin has a fixed position in the kitchen. (Photo by: © teleginatania /

Australian cuisine is originally with the British cuisine equate. Something like one has only been forming for around forty years own Australian cuisine out, which is also known as "Modern Australian" - but you can also do that international influences (especially Indian and Asian).

Info: The Aborigines do have their own dishes, but they don't play a major role in Australian cuisine.

History and influence of the kitchen

The Australian continent was settled by the British as early as the 18th century. In the beginning they ate mainly lamb and mutton as well as damper (bread), of course also near the coast fish (Sea bass, red or blue grapper, etc.) and oysters. Meat consumption was very high at that time.

For centuries, British cuisine prevailed here - there was actually no Australian cuisine in the narrower sense, there was above all that British recipes were cooked.

Something like its own kitchen has only been developing in Australia since the 1960s. However, it represents a mix of the most diverse national kitchens in the world, which is due to the large amount Immigrants is due.


Australian traditions go back to British customs in many ways. The typical "tea time“, With which you not only drink tea, but also eat British scones. However, this ritual is modified by the pumpkin that is eaten with it in Australia.

  • The breakfast is often hearty (especially in the outback) with sausages, bacon, beans, small steaks, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and fried eggs, but also cereals, croissants or toast with vegemite (= spread made from yeast extract) is eaten.
  • The Having lunch If it is often smaller, only sandwiches, pies, burgers (Aussiebruger) or other small items are often bought from take-away restaurants.
  • At the Eve on the other hand, it is again cooked sufficiently and thoroughly.

The Australians are also a people of Grill fans. The common barbecue is of great importance here, which also explains the large number of grill recipes that can be found on the topic of Australia.

Info: In many corners there are also free grill areas where you can grill with friends.

Main ingredients in the kitchen

Crocodile meat characterizes Australian cuisine. (Photo by: © vladimir kondrachov /

There are numerous ingredients in Australian cuisine that most people in this country do not even know as food:

  • It is getting exotic, especially when it comes to meat - the menu here is mainly on the menu kangaroo-, crocodile- and Emuf meat.
  • Also Bush tomatoes are typically Australian. The small berries grow on a shrub that is very similar to our local tomato.
  • Numerous recipes are also used on "Hijiki". It is a seaweed from Japan that is dried.
  • The leaves of the kaffir lime tree, lemon aspen leaves (citrus fruit), galanga root (ginger), Madacamia nuts and New Zealand spinach.

Most famous dishes

  • Meat pie: Meat pie
  • Kangaroo Citizens with Beetroot: Hamburger made from kangaroo meat, served with beetroot
  • Sausage roll: sausage baked in puff pastry
  • Barramundi Fillets: breaded barramundi meat, served with finely chopped macadamia nuts
  • Pavolva: sweet dessert made from meringue paste
  • Barbecued prawns: Giant crabs that are marinated and then grilled. Tasmanian Salmon: Salmon that is served with a special chilli sauce
  • Vegemite: concentrated yeast extract and is used as a dip or spread
  • Weet-Bix: Wholemeal wheat breakfast biscuits
  • Bush food or Bush trucker: describes in principle the traditional diet or dishes of the Aborigines
  • Lamingtons: small pieces of cake made of chocolate and coconut
  • Bananabread: sweet cake made from bananas

Info: Due to the climatic conditions, Australia is becoming more and more a top wine country ... more information about the wine country Australia.

Here are a few recipe tips

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