Why do white Arabs hate blacks

Bernie Ecclestone: "In many cases blacks are more racist than whites"

A few days ago Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton took part in an anti-racism demonstration in London. It was a “really moving” experience for him, summed up the Mercedes driver. He was moved by the fact that so many white supporters took part in the demonstration. “I am extremely confident that change will come. But we can't stop now. Carry on, ”wrote the Briton on his Instagram page.

In the past few weeks, Hamilton had repeatedly engaged in the debate about racism around the world with emotional and haunting words. After the violent death of George Floyd in a police operation in the USA, he supported the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. He also accused Formula 1 of being a "white dominated" sport. Mercedes and a number of fellow drivers then expressed their solidarity with Hamilton. With the establishment of a commission, Hamilton wants to pave the way for more dark-skinned people into Formula 1.

Bernie Ecclestone - the former head zampano of the racing circuit, like Hamilton, is also English, and they both know each other well. So Hamilton, Ecclestone said in a CNN interview, was "very, very, very talented as a driver and he now appears to be extremely talented at getting up and making speeches".

Did you talk to Hamilton about it? "No, never necessary."

The question now was whether the Formula 1 leadership shouldn't have to worry about getting more dark-skinned drivers cleared into the cockpit instead of Hamilton. Ecclestone said he believes “no one looked into it before. They're too busy winning races or finding sponsors or something ”.

However, he does not see any racist motive in Formula 1, which could apply in this context. He also never spoke to Hamilton about the subject: “Never necessary. I'm surprised he believed that people ... well, he knows that people were against him because he said they did. I'm surprised it even affects him. I never thought."

In the opinion of the 89-year-old, however, the commission set up by Hamilton to promote dark-skinned people would not do anything “bad or good” in the formula. At best, it will make people think, Ecclestone believes. He also said: "In many cases blacks are more racist than whites." He said, "over the years some things have come to my attention that were not necessary".

What that was, remained open, the CNN presenter did not ask. In any case, last week Formula 1 announced the founding of an initiative under the motto “#WeRaceAsOne” to combat racism and inequality, among other things.