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OTA hotel / tourism definition

What is an OTA?

There are two definitions for the abbreviation OTA in the hotel / tourism industry.

OTA: Open Travel Alliance

Founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization for the cross-system electronic exchange of information in tourism. Members of the Open Travel Alliance

More info: www.opentravel.org/


OTA: Online Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency or Online Travel Agency

Online travel agencies and travel agencies offer users the option of booking trips with a click of the mouse. This happens e.g. via so-called dynamic packaging. Hotel reviews, travel tips and other information are also available. Expedia, for example, is such a provider, whereby Expedia is a special case, as the company also acts as a tour operator to a small extent. Disadvantage of many OTAs: No or only poor telephone contact is possible.

The OTA income for some hotels now makes up 40 - 60%, depending on the destination. For the hotelier, the high OTA fees have become a problem that they can only counteract with skillful revenue management. It is therefore necessary to analyze all possible alternative sales channels.

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Further information can be found in the entry online travel agent.


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OTA hotel / tourism - a term used in tourism

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