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Waste time with social networking

72 percent of German employees have adopted social networks as part of their work culture. Great Britain is lagging a little behind with 59 percent. This is the result of the study "Corporate Social Networking in Europe", which the British market researcher Dynamic Markets carried out for AT&T. Everything about networks on CIO.de

Of the German users of social networks in the workplace, 56 percent see an advantage above all in the fact that they have access to problem solutions. For 52 percent, the focus is on the fact that they can expand their specialist knowledge in this way.

The following five tools for social networking are most commonly used in this country:

  • Company-owned platforms for collaboration on the intranet (42 percent)

  • Internal forums within the company (27 percent)

  • Online networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook (26 percent)

  • Video material produced by the company that is accessible via the intranet (15 percent)

  • External collaboration tools on the web such as wikis (37 percent)

However, the new way of working also harbors potential dangers, as the respondents are well aware of. 79 percent of European employees associate negative aspects with social networks. 49 percent fear that social networking will keep them from work. In Germany, 37 percent of employees think that they are distracted from their job.