Is a baby crying or whining

Why does my baby cry in sleep? Causes and helpful tips

For parents, especially at the beginning, there is hardly anything better than watching their baby sleep peacefully. Then the worries and burdens of the day fall away and mom and dad can take a deep breath. But what if the baby isn't sleeping peacefully? What if they doze off, but after a short while they cry, moan or even scream in their sleep?

Often there is a certain helplessness in the parents who do not know how to help their child. Should you take it in your arms and comfort or rather leave it in its bed?

It is not uncommon for babies to cry more often in the first few weeks and months. Because it is their way of communicating to the environment. Babies cry when they are hungry, thirsty, have a full diaper or have stomach pain. And sometimes they do it in their sleep. But why actually?

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Causes: This is why babies cry in their sleep

Babies have to learn every little thing that we adults take for granted. Light and darkness, cold and warmth, noises and silence - all this and much more leaves countless impressions on your baby every day.

In the first weeks of his life a lot of it still rushes past him, because newborns sleep a lot. But the more alert and attentive your child becomes over the months, the more impressions and stimuli it perceives. And your child has to deal with this.

It happens in your sleep. And depending on which feelings the observations of the day arouse in your child, it reacts to it differently during sleep. So it is not unusual for your baby to cry in his sleep and then laugh again straight away.

Incidentally, babies dream very differently than we adults do. You switch between deep sleep and dream sleep much more frequently during the night. This explains, on the one hand, why they wake up more often, but also why they are more noticeable during sleep.

In addition to the impressions of the day, hunger, gas or cold and sweating can also lead to crying or whimpering at night.

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Baby crying in sleep: helpful tips

If your baby wakes up crying at night, it does so because it needs your help. Be it because the diaper is full, hungry or simply needs you to be close. In this case you can confidently take the child in your arms and calm down, or help him.

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If your baby is crying in its sleep and does not wake it up, you should not pick it up and possibly wake it up. It is better if you give him closeness by laying on your hand or signal to him that you are there by humming a nursery rhyme or quietly whispering to him.

Your child may be crying or moaning in their sleep because they are dreaming something. If it senses that you are nearby, it feels secure and in all likelihood will stop crying.

If you observe that your child sleeps restlessly after a very hectic or eventful day and maybe also moans or cries in their sleep, this is probably because they have to process too many stimuli. It is therefore best to plan fewer activities for the following day. This helps your baby to process what it has experienced in the days before without overwhelming it with new stimuli.

If you notice that your baby regularly sleeps restlessly or cries and complains in his sleep, you should take him to the pediatrician. Maybe colic or other complaints are behind it.

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Evening routine helps your baby sleep

Babies love routine because it helps them understand what is happening. This is especially true when you go to bed at noon or in the evening. If your baby knows that the bed is waiting after brushing their teeth and the bedtime story, they will rest more quickly and can fall asleep better, but also sleep through the night.

So if you have a restless or very light sleeper at home, try to give him as much routine as possible.

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My baby screams in his sleep: what's behind this?

Between the ages of two and six, children may startle and scream at night, but are by no means awake. In such a case, it can be the so-called night terrors.

The night terrors often occur in the first three hours after falling asleep - a phase in which children are not yet dreaming. The night terrors are often accompanied by screaming, shouting or kicking around.

This can also be very frightening for parents, because the child cannot be approached during the night terrors, even though it seems awake. So it's best to leave it - as difficult as it may be - in its bed and not try to wake it up.

Instead, you should talk to the child calmly and quietly and thus make him feel safe. You should also be careful that the child cannot injure themselves if, for example, they kick around.

By the way: the next day the child cannot remember it.

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