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In May 2020, the US magazine "Forbes" compiled a ranking of the world's largest companies. The sales, profit, assets and market values ​​of the corporations in 2019 were all consulted. Which country is home to the world's largest company? A look at the top ten largest companies in the world.

Forbes Ranking: These are the largest companies in the world in 2020

The ranking begins with a Chinese company: The Bank of China is one of the four largest state-owned banks in China and ranks 10th on the Forbes list. In 2019, the Chinese bank was able to do one Profit of $ 27.2 billion achieve. In 2020 the institute employed 306,200 people.

sales: $ 135.4 billion

Market value: $ 112.8 billion

capital: $ 3,387 billion

The technology company from Silicon Valley slipped from 6th place in the Forbes ranking last year. Nevertheless, Apple generated one in 2019 Total winnings of $ 57.2 billion. At the end of 2019, the company founded by Steve Jobs had 137,000 employees. Apple is considered one of the pioneers in the smartphone business and generates over half of its sales with the iPhone.

sales: $ 267.7 billion

Market value: $ 1,285.5 billion

capital: $ 320.4 billion

The major US bank achieved one in 2019 Profit of $ 24.1 billion and employed 208,000 people. Bank of America's origins can be traced back to 1784, which is why it is considered the second oldest bank in the United States. Bank of America is subject to special monitoring and higher equity requirements, as it is listed as a global systemically important bank.

sales: $ 112.1 billion

Market value: $ 208.6 billion

capital: $ 2,620 billion

7th place: Ping An Insurance Group

The Chinese insurance and financial services provider from Shenzhen has a Profit of $ 18.8 billion earned. The Ping An Insurance Group has 342,550 employees (as of 2017). However, three Chinese companies are still above the insurance group in the Forbes 2020 ranking.

sales: $ 155 billion

Market value: $ 187.2 billion

capital: $ 1,218.6 billion

5th place: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)

The world's largest oil production company is in shared 5th place in the ranking. Saudi Aramco's 2019 profit was $ 88.2 billion. According to its own information, the state-owned company had oil reserves of around 250 billion barrels at the time of its IPO in late 2019. According to the company, over 70,000 people work for Saudi Aramco. In 2020, Saudi Aramco made it into the Forbes top ten for the first time.

sales: $ 329.8 billion

Market value: $ 1,684.8 billion

capital: $ 398.3 billion

5th place: Agricultural Bank of China

The Agricultural Bank of China is also in 5th place. Like the Bank of China, it is one of the “Big Four” in China's banking business. In 2019, the bank earned aProfit of $ 30.9 billion and employed about 464,000 people.

sales: $ 148.7 billion

Market value: $ 147.2 billion

capital: $ 3,697.5 billion

4th place: Berkshire Hathaway

The holding company is involved in many economic sectors and is one of the largest companies in the USA. In 2019, Berkshire Hathaway scored one Profit of $ 81.4 billion. The company's chairman is US major investor Warren Buffett. With Apple and Bank of America, two companies from this ranking are also among the best Berkshire Hathaway holdings. In 2020 the company employed almost 392,000 people.

sales: $ 254.6 billion

Market value: $ 455.4 billion

capital: $ 817.7 billion

JP Morgan Chase is the largest US financial institution. The Profit of $ 30 billion in 2019 can be seen. JP Morgan Chase achieved dubious notoriety beyond US borders in 2012 after a speculative disaster. The bank gambled away according to the latest estimates by four to six billion dollars. Around 257,000 people work for JP Morgan Chase (as of the end of 2019).

sales: $ 142.9 billion

Market value: $ 291.7 billion

capital: $ 3,139.4 billion

2nd place: China Construction Bank

The China Construction Bank is with one Profit of $ 38.9 billion the second largest company in the world. Around 343,000 employees will work for the China Construction Bank in 2020. The Chinese bank has been one of the world's systemically important banks since 2015.

sales: $ 162.1 billion

Market value: $ 203.8 billion

capital: $ 3822 billion

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, or ICBC for short, won one in 2019 Profit of $ 45.3 billion achieve. This makes the Chinese bank not only the largest company in the world, but also leaves its competitors in the banking business behind. The ICBC is thus also the winner among the “Big Four” in the Chinese banking sector - and the largest of five Chinese companies in this ranking. A total of around 435,000 people work for the bank (as of June 2020).

sales: $ 177.2 billion

Market value: $ 242.3 billion

capital: $ 4,322.5 billion

The largest companies in the world 2020

placeSurnameProfitsalesMarket valuecapital
1.ICBC$ 45.3 billion$ 177.2 billion$ 242.3 billion$ 4,322.5 billion
2.China Construction Bank$ 38.9 billion$ 162.1 billion$ 203.8 billion$ 3,822 billion
3.JP Morgan Chase$ 30 billion$ 142.9 billion$ 291.7 billion$ 3,139.4 billion
4.Berkshire Hathaway$ 81.4 billion$ 254.6 billion$ 455.4 billion$ 817.7 billion
5.Agricultural Bank of China$ 30.9 billion$ 148.7 billion$ 147.2 billion$ 3,697.5 billion
5.Saudi Aramco$ 88.2 billion$ 329.8 billion$ 1,684.8 billion$ 398.3 billion
7.Ping An Insurance Group$ 18.8 billion$ 155 billion$ 187.2 billion$ 1,218.6 billion
8.Bank of America$ 24.1 billion$ 112.1 billion$ 208.6 billion$ 2,620 billion
9.Apple$ 57.2 billion$ 267.7 billion$ 1,285.5 billion$ 320.4 billion
10.Bank of China$ 27.2 billion$ 135.4 billion$ 112.8 billion$ 3,387 billion

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