Deliberately show girls armpits

Armpit hair in advertising: Let it grow

Hi, I already shaved my armpits every now and then in 1976. Simply because I didn't want that hair. Especially during puberty, when the body starts to produce a lot of pheromones and you sweat a lot and often, I noticed that removing the armpit hair has a direct influence on the formation of odors.

In the early 1990s, I decided to shave the hair under my arms regularly. For a man it was a revolution back then.

Even my partner asked me if I had ended up on the other bank by now. I liked shaving my armpits to protest against the taboos about hair removal that existed then and now.

And today it's the other way around: today people think they have to demonstrate against the "establishment" by deliberately not removing their armpit hair. I don't understand! Ladies with hair under their armpits who, with their ridiculous growth of hair, rebel against the "razor cheek" that is supposed to bring profit to the razor blade and epilator industry.

For me, hairless armpits in women AND men are a statement for the modern, cosmopolitan, enlightened and of course beauty-conscious people.

Armpit hair removal also has an ecological aspect: If the hair is removed cleanly, I don't need any deodorant, my natural body odor is never unpleasant and I am not someone who takes a shower twice a day. I do that every two days, and then I depilate myself at the same time.

For me it is clear: I don't have to have body hair, I now even epilate myself all over my body, because I find it aesthetic. And pleasant.

The few ridiculous hairs evolution has left us are not even worth the wind that is kindled here.

I would rather get upset about the auto industry, which is first and foremost Volkswagen and us cars that, from a legal point of view, do not have an operating license. LG.