Slow down split ends hair growth

5 Tips For Long Hair: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

What woman has not dreamed of long, silky, shiny hair at least once in a lifetime? No wonder, after all, a long mane is considered an ideal of beauty and the epitome of femininity. We all know that you can't conjure up a long hairstyle from a bob overnight. Still, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to speed up your hair growth. We'll tell you what these are here.

Almost every woman has dreamed of long hair at some point in her life. With the right care and a healthy diet, the path to your dream mane is not that far.

This is how hair grows

Anyone who has ever tried to grow long hair knows for sure: it can take a while. Depending on the genetic makeup, hair grows between 1 and 1.5 cm per month. In some women, the hair reaches pole length, in others the maximum hair length is perhaps already reached at the level of the shoulder blades. This is also genetic. While we cannot influence this, it is entirely possible to influence other factors that affect hair growth. You can read how to do this in our 5 tips for faster hair growth.

Tip 1: off to the hairdresser

What sounds very contradictory at first, is absolutely indispensable on the way to your dream mane: a visit to the hairdresser. Because only healthy, strong hair can grow long. If the tips are broken and full of split ends, they break off - and you can start growing again. That is why you should have the tips cut by the hairdresser every three months. In that time, the hair has already grown a few centimeters. If you then part by one centimeter, you still gain length.

Tip 2: the right care

The right care may only make the hair grow faster to a limited extent, but it protects it from split ends and provides it with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. Caffeine shampoos promote blood circulation and stimulate the scalp. This not only prevents hair loss, but also stimulates the hair to grow faster. Once a week, you should also pamper your hair with a nourishing mask. Products with almond butter, aloe vera or argan oil nourish the hair intensively, provide moisture and counteract split ends.
Your hair is also happy about special oils from time to time. While coconut oil penetrates the hair directly and supplies it with important nutrients from within, castor oil with its omega-6 fatty acids stimulates hair growth in a natural way. It is best to leave the oil on overnight as a cure. It is best to wrap your hair in a towel. This not only allows the nutrients to penetrate the hair particularly well. They also protect your pillow from unsightly stains.

Tip 3: need a head massage?

A massage is not only good for our body, but also for our hair. Even a five to ten minute head massage stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. This provides the hair follicles with more nutrients. The result: the hair grows faster. It's that simple: Massage your scalp with all ten fingers in small, circular movements, applying light pressure. Especially with long nails, you should make sure that your fingers lie flat on the scalp during the massage so that you do not injure yourself. Alternatively, you can use a massage spider and even brushing your hair has a massage-like effect. 100 brush strokes a day with bristles made of natural hair are a great pampering program on the way to your dream mane.

Tip 4: healthy eating

True beauty comes from within and so it is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet even if you want long hair. B vitamins, which are found in yeast, cereals, vegetables and offal, among other things, are particularly important for hair growth. But vitamin E and silicon are also real hair wax boosters. They keep our scalp and follicles healthy and counteract hair breakage. We can take vitamin E with walnuts and olive oil, for example, silicon is mainly found in millet, oats and nettles. Often a lack of nutrients is to blame for our hair not growing properly, for example with a zinc deficiency. If we include oysters, beef, fish and cheese in our diet, we can effectively counteract this. Some dietary supplements also have a reputation for making our hair grow faster. This is particularly the case with yeast, biotin and silica.
Conversely, we should stay away from products that slow hair growth, especially alcohol. This not only slows down the metabolism, but also dries out the hair, which promotes the formation of split ends. Those who prefer a glass of water to sparkling wine will be rewarded with long, healthy hair.

Tip 5: If it doesn't work out despite everything ...

Do you have a healthy diet, take care of your hair and still do not want to grow it? Then too much stress could be the culprit. Psychological stress not only harms our health, it also inhibits hair growth. Try to consciously escape the stress of everyday life from time to time. Even a walk during your lunch break, a session of yoga in the morning or a relaxing bath can help. The thyroid gland could also be responsible for hair growth problems. In the case of an underactive thyroid, hormones that ensure a functioning metabolism are no longer released. This is also noticeable on the head, namely in the form of hair loss and inhibited hair growth.