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Landline Phones: What You Should Know Before Buying

Fixed line telephones certainly have their advantages: Compared to cell phones, they score with a higher call quality, a more pleasant feel and greater resistance to interference. Anyone who likes to spend hours on the phone is therefore well served with a cordless phone. If you have had little experience with the devices to date, you may be faced with unanswered questions when buying a suitable phone. Below are the answers.

Can I use an analog phone on my IP connection?

Yes, even if your provider has switched the telephone connection from analog to IP, analog landline telephones can be used without any problems. To do this, connect the base of the phone to your Internet router by cable (see section "How do I connect my landline phone to the router?", Variant 2). The router is in turn connected to your IP connection by cable. In other words: In the case of cordless telephones, the term analogously refers to the connection to the router, not to the connection to the telephone network.

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How do I connect my phone to the router?

Variant 1: Connection via DECT

Many modern routers such as the AVM FritzBox 7590 are equipped with a DECT telephone base that can wirelessly connect DECT landline telephones. Whether this makes sense, however, depends on the connection standard that both devices can handle. There is a DECT standard that uses the old GAP protocol, the newer CAT-iq standard and proprietary solutions such as those at AVM. DECT-GAP devices are always offered with their own base, which you connect to the router by cable as standard. If you connect a GAP telephone to the router via DECT instead, basic functions such as the telephone book, call lists and the time display are often missing. Devices with CAT-iq and AVM telephones have more to offer if they use the appropriate router as a base: The FritzFon and Gigasets HX telephones display callers with numbers on a FritzBox with DECT, and take over the date and time of the Routers and access the router phone book. On a Telekom router such as the Speedport Smart 3 or Speedport Pro Plus, users with a Telekom Speedphone receive many functions.

Variant 2: Connection by cable

Fixed line telephones with their own base can also be connected to the router by cable. Depending on the socket on the router, you will need a cable with a TAE or RJ11 plug (see picture below). The scope of delivery of better telephones includes a TAE adapter that can be plugged into the supplied RJ11 cable. To connect the phone, simply connect the phone base to the router with a cable. Attention: DECT telephones with a router as a base are usually delivered with a charging cradle - the latter is not a base.

Connect the landline telephone base and router by cable, use a TAE plug (left) or an RJ11 plug (right), depending on the model.

How do I use a local answering machine on my router?

DECT telephones with a router as a base access an answering machine in the router or in the network (see section "What types of answering machines are there?"). If you are looking for a physical answering machine with buttons, you should use a device with its own base - because such telephones are often offered in a set with a local answering machine. The answering machine is also the basis and is connected to the router by cable. Depending on the model, it either serves as a charging cradle or connects a telephone with its own charging cradle via DECT radio.

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What types of answering machines are there?

In addition to local devices with buttons, there are other types of answering machines. AVM's FritzBoxes with a telephone base, for example, have an integrated answering machine - common models have an internal memory that holds recordings with a total length of 1,000 minutes. The answering machine can be listened to over the phone, depending on the model via the phone's menu or keypad entry **600. A suitable AVM device such as the FritzFon C6 will even inform you of new messages on the answering machine on the start screen. With Telekom routers you use the Telekom SprachBox as an answering machine in the fixed network, which you can reach free of charge from your fixed network connection on 0800 3302424. Many telephones establish a connection to the SprachBox by pressing and holding button 1. The SprachBox stores messages from up to 30 calls. The messages are automatically deleted 21 days after they have been saved or seven days after they have been listened to.

Can I continue to use my ISDN telephone system?

Some routers have an ISDN S0 interface to which you can connect your old ISDN telephone system in order to use it on IP connections. The routers include many top AVM models such as FritzBox 7590, FritzBox 7490 and FritzBox 6591 Cable as well as the Telekom Speedport Pro and Speedport Pro Plus.

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