At what age did you finally find yourself again?

Translation of "found again" in spanish

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Find the los dos otra vez
Does that mean the money was made found again?
Doc, I have my faith found again.
And in her reality, Myriam had her daughter found again.
En su realidad, Miriam pensó que la había found.
I got the book that I lost yesterday found again.
Before the last straight home stretch of this century, the history and geography of Europe have become found again.
Antes de la última recta de este siglo, la historia y la geografía europeas se han reencontrado.
My little lost girl became found again.
We don't have the virus yet found again.
Fortunately found again, thanks to the amazing talent of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
Afortunadamente recuperada, gracias al prestigioso talento del Sr. Sherlock Holmes.
You have humanity found againthat you lost when I met you.
Has recuperado la humanidad que habías perdido cuando te conocí.
I understand you have Mrs. Langdon's painting found again.
He oído que han recuperado el cuadro de la Sra. Langdon.
No, and the money he supposedly took from the church never was found again.
Y el dinero que supuestamente se llevó de la iglesia nunca fue recuperado.
I lost my way, but now I have it found again.
Estaba perdido, pero ahora ahora me he found.
How do you have your cow found again?
He was lost and became found again.
Por mi hijo, Porthos que estaba perdido y fue hallado.
I just got the cassette found again.
Or maybe we don't have him alive either found again.
And the little boy never has his mother found again.
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