What is mental and physical age

The mental age

"I feel like I'm sixty!". A sentence that many have already said or thought. In fact, there is a difference between biological age and spiritual age. Mental age is less about the physical condition than about the degree of maturity of psychosocial development. There are a variety of factors that make up mental age. So the social responsibility, mental stability, moral development and others. According to this consideration, the spiritual age is, therefore, a Development process and less of a state. In this respect, mental age is not essentially related to biological age.

From childhood - the intellectual age

From the moment of birth, spiritual age is developing. The wording "mental age" seems to be equivalent to the term “level of development”, but not the physical one. The "mind" is a difficult word to define. Is the "spirit" our soul? Or is it the totality of our sensations and internal processes? In any case, it is something that takes place and develops within us. From childhood on, man stands in a lifelong development with a wide variety of tasks at every stage of development. Mental age, according to a definition, equates to psychosocial development. Spiritual age develops like a person's conscience or moral understanding. Theoretically, a socially reflective person is in a high intellectual age if one considers the intellectual age associated with wisdom puts.

Life and me

Age wisdom comes with age. Age wisdom as something that life in its entirety can recognize its own existence. To give yourself a place in life. Spiritual age could go hand in hand with age wisdom. Not only to look at life, but also to look at the people in the world system and to classify oneself, to coexist and to act socially with other people. If you have your mental age measured, you have to ask yourself a wide variety of questions from the context of life. From morality to logical thinking. The mental age is far more than the sum of the existing brain cells.

Train mental fitness

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