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Dog tax - register dog

Register dog for tax

If you have a dog, you are required to register it. The dog then receives a dog tax stamp from the tax office, which you can pick up personally at the tax office. If you register your dog by post, fax or e-mail, the dog tax stamp - if it has not yet been picked up in person - will be sent by post together with the dog tax assessment.

You have to register the dog within one month

  • after the purchase or the birth of the dog or
  • after moving to Berlin.

You must also register the dog
  • if you keep the dog commercially, for example for breeding or as a guard dog;
  • if the dog is exempt from dog tax, for example a guide dog.
You may then not have to pay dog ​​tax. But only when the dog is registered does it get a dog tax stamp.
More on the subject: FAQ dog tax

Please note:
You must also register certain dogs with the public order office. More on the topic: Dog ownership - Registration - Dangerous dog

Notes on dog tax stamps 2016-2022:

  • The expiry date of the dog tax stamp
The dog tax stamps with a validity period of 2016 - 2022 can be collected from the responsible tax office within the office hours by returning the invalid dog tax stamps. If it is not possible for you to pick up the new dog tax stamp in person, the tax office will be happy to send you the new dog tax stamp by post. The issue of the new dog tax stamp is not made dependent on the return of the old stamp. The presentation of the identity card is sufficient for collection.

  • Loss of dog tax stamp
If the dog tax stamp is lost, the tax office issues a replacement tax stamp. Only in these cases is it necessary to collect the replacement tax stamp personally from the tax office, as you have to submit a declaration of the loss of the dog tax stamp to the official office.

In order to avoid waiting times, please do not forget to bring your dog tax number with you.


  • Keeper
    You keep the dog, that means: The dog lives in your household.
  • Dog ownership in Berlin
    You keep the dog in Berlin, for example in your Berlin household.

Required documents

  • "Registration of a dog" form
    see section "Forms"

    If you are registering a dog for the first time, you do not have to enter a tax number in the form. In this case, the tax office will assign you a tax number for keeping dogs.
    You can send us the form by post, fax or email. Please don't forget to sign the form.
  • For the collection of the dog tax: SEPA direct debit mandate
    see section "Forms"

    With the SEPA procedure, the tax office automatically collects the tax from your account. You no longer have to worry about payment.
    Alternatively, you can transfer the tax yourself to the tax office.


Average time of processing

  • If you register the dog with us personally: a few minutes. You will receive the dog tax stamp immediately.
  • Otherwise you will receive the dog tax stamp after about 4 weeks together with the dog tax assessment.

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