Who broke Usain Bolts 100m record

Ten years after the 100 m world record: Bolt is still "very proud"

Frankfurt - Ten years after his phenomenal 100-meter world record in Berlin, Usain Bolt is still "very proud - that I ran that time back then and that ten years later it still means a record". This is what the former sprint superstar from Jamaica said in an interview with the online portal Sportbuzzer (Thursday).

Bolt had won the World Athletics Championships in Berlin on August 16, 2009 in 9.58 seconds. The eight-time Olympic champion and eleven-time world champion, like most experts, does not expect that the fabulous time will soon be undercut. "I always say that records are there to be broken. One day there will be someone who can beat my times. But I hope that I will remain the fastest man in the world for a while," said Bolt. "The current generation of sprinters has to get even faster in order to reach my records."

The 32-year-old also set a 200-meter world record in 2009 with 19.19 seconds. "I had the feeling that I could even improve those times. Unfortunately injuries prevented that," said Bolt, who ended his unique career after the 2017 World Cup in London.

His new life is "even more stressful than before - but in a different way. I work hard for my sponsors, partners and, above all, my foundation." At the same time he emphasized: "But I enjoy this life very much. I can finally drink and eat what I want. And I no longer have to worry about going to bed early." (APA; August 15, 2019)