How can I look korean

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henchan(Former member)2009-07-30, 18:02#9
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Sorry dear hymark,
but I will not send you photos of my nephew by mail or here in the forum or
otherwise like show. Why also. Ultimately, every child becomes something from its mother
and get something from father and something from chance for his appearance.
I know a couple of half-Asian-half-Europeans. For me they see a little more
asian from. But as already written here, the position of the
Play a role.

A little anecdote by the way.
I have been an extra at the Berlin State Opera for years. "Madame Butterfly" is also one
Work that runs in one and the same production at the State Opera.
I don't want to give an exact synopsis of this piece now, but so much in advance.
The Japanese Cho Cho san and the American Mr. Pinkerton father a child together.
This child is also shown in this production (first by Suzuki).
I have to grin every time.
Cho Cho san is a Japanese woman (black hair and rather "brown skin color").
As a rule (probably coincidence) the role of Mr. Pinkerton is played by tenors
black hair sung.
It's just funny that the little boy (who is supposed to play the son) is always completely blond
Has hair and white skin. Nachtigal, I hear you trap.

To get back to the topic. Children simply inherit their parents' genetic makeup.
Should your phenotype show significant deviations ..... then, uh ...