Does that mean he loves me too

Men: These signs tell you he's about to tell you he loves you

You are freshly in love and want to really let yourself go, but you don't know if your partner feels the same because the famous three words have not yet been uttered? Just because he hasn't "I love you"said it isn't an indication that he isn't already great emotions has for you. Because men and women do not always communicate their emotions in the same way and that has even been scientifically proven. Of course, you can't lump all people together, but you usually squeeze the supposedly stronger sex deep connection and love at the beginning of a new relationship rather without words and prefer to leave instead Deeds speak. We women (the truly stronger sex), on the other hand, speak demonstrably more and that is especially true when we report on our emotional world. It can quickly happen that you already feel ready to reveal your love to himwhile he does not (yet) seem towanting to pronounce the words that mean the world. But there is still that nonverbal communication and so can small ones Gestures of attention, his body language or certain Behaviors Provide information about that Heart already beats for you

How you can tell from his touch whether you are the one for him has already been shown in this article and today we will dedicate ourselves to it ten more pieces of evidencethat can give you security that he's already Is crazy about you and you his Will soon reveal love in words!

1. He lets you know that he is thinking of you

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, many people play games and make each other extra rare. If he is already in love with you and is serious about you, then he will get in touch with you too. If he often sends you loving good morning text messages, asks how your day is going, and sends you cute memes every now and then or sends you cute selfies, you can be sure that he has real feelings for you - even if he does doesn't say it directly.

2. He leaves everything for you

He's always there when you need him, no matter what you need help with? When he gives up his plans without hesitation to pick you up at the train station, makes you chicken soup for you when you lie flat with a cold, or even needs to help your best friend move instead of moving around with his boys don't you worry. Better prepare yourself that he will soon confess his love to you.

3. He kisses you in this very special way

Body language is a good indicator of real feelings, and so is kissing. If he doesn't just give you a loveless smack on the cheek, but smooches you long and tenderly without wanting to have sex right away, he is obviously in love.

4. He seeks you around and holds hands in public

What could be nicer if he unexpectedly takes your hand in public? If he is constantly looking for you, you can be almost certain that he has a crush on you. Wild kisses in public are always a type thing, but even the shyest men show their interest in their partner through physical contact, because we want people to whom we are drawn to be very close to us.

5. He is interested in things you like

Almost every couple has different interests and that's a good thing. So you can watch your reality shows like "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in a relaxed manner on Netflix when he has an appointment with his friends to go cycling. If he still watches your favorite series in his spare time to understand what you like so much about it, you don't have to worry about his intentions, because that shows that his interests in you are so great that he himself even watching Kim and Kourtney arguing.

6. He listens to you with interest

He may not be the greatest speaker, but that doesn't mean the communication between the two of you can't speak volumes. If he listens carefully to you, leans in your direction in order to understand you even better, that too is a sure sign of how much you mean to him.

7. He tells his friends about you

Classic relationship talks like the one we women often hold with our girlfriends are rather rare among men. But if you notice that he tells his buddies about your dates and raves about you as a person in front of them, he can only be about to tell you that he loves you!

8. He looks you deep in the eyes

The eyes are known to be the gateway to the soul and without eye contact you can't really fall in love with each other. If he looks you deep in the eye during conversations and during sex and always seeks eye contact with you in group situations, he is expressing non-verbally that he feels connected to you. Plus, this is a good sign that he not only values ​​you for how you look, but is in love with you inside.

9. He runs his hair

Small nervous movements like touching your own head indicate that we are nervous. This is quite normal at the beginning of a relationship and even a good sign, because if he didn't care about you, he would be the cool person!

10. He surprises you with small gifts

This is less about showering yourself with gifts such as expensive jewelry, but more about wanting to give you pleasure with small gifts. For example, if you told him about a certain book that you would like to read this summer and he surprises you with it the next day, you can definitely interpret this sweet gesture as a token of love!

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