Are Argentina allies

María Marta Antín
"If you have good allies, anything is possible"

Goethe once said: “Acting is easy, thinking is difficult; acting on the thought is uncomfortable. ”But when you have good allies, anything is possible. In 2002, a group of young film students who are now recognized filmmakers such as Matías Piñeiro, Manuel Ferrari or Martín Kalina suggested that our film school offer series of films to the general public. That was a wonderful initiative that the Goethe-Institut supported without hesitation by making the stock of its great film archive available to us. With the help of this treasure trove, the images and voices of the great German filmmakers flooded our lecture halls and corridors and Syberberg, Fassbinder, Wenders, Herzog and Kluge suddenly embodied the theories and techniques that our lecturers imparted in their courses. Dreams became audible and visible. And that's still the case today. The free film screenings continue to exist, as does the cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, which has repeatedly supported us in our efforts to grow, to open borders and to pursue our task, filmmakers in a globalized environment of art To train literature and world culture.


María Marta Antín is Secretaria de Extensión at the Universidad de Cine in Buenos Aires and director of the Berlinale Talents edition there.

Translation: Melanie Luether