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Fundstücke (Stilblüten) for piano solo by C. René Hirschfeld

The finds are 10 miniatures in the form of unmistakable, sometimes cheerful character pieces. This almost forgotten genre is used here at the same time as a style exercise for young pianists, students or advanced hobby musicians and so the pieces are deliberately very heterogeneous in structure, sound style and character, but not too difficult technically.

Today's musicians, be they professional or not (yet), encounter an unprecedented breadth of styles and sound languages. With the "found pieces", the pianist who is learning has the opportunity to practice different touch technique, different timbres, characters and styles in 10 varied pieces without getting the feeling of technically dry "etudes":

From 12-tone "gimmicks" to sound studies, percussive elements and a piece in a mobile form to tonal pieces and even a blues, this fund of "style flowers" ranges, which as individual pieces of manageable length can also cope with the challenge of unknown varieties.

The pieces are intended as a cycle and should be interpreted with a wink (because the author is of the opinion that today's music can also be cheerful). Since they are structurally self-sufficient, they can also be performed individually or in smaller groups. The titles are each assigned as a cheerful, playful reference to character or form. The finds were made in spring 2014.

Fundstücke (Stilblüten) for piano solo

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