What is the price of perfume

Why is perfume so expensive?

One often asks oneself why one's favorite fragrance is so expensive. It is not infrequently assumed that the printed name should simply be paid for. Some also suspect that this is just addressing well-heeled people who are willing to pay a lot of money for simple fragrances. But these are by no means the real reasons that explain the price of a perfume. The cause is much more likely to be found in the various ingredients, oils and essences. Above all, raw material prices play a major role.

Everyone knows that different flower oils can be very expensive. The more of the exclusive essence is used, the more noble the fragrance becomes. In the end, however, this is also reflected in the price. In the end, however, there are many other factors that affect the price of a fragrance. In general, however, it can be said that an expensive fragrance does not cost more for nothing. Rather, it suggests that you are purchasing an excellent composition of high-quality essences.

Flower oils are considered to be the most expensive ingredient in a good perfume. Many components are not only expensive to purchase but also to manufacture. These include, for example, musk and the essence of roses. For example, if you look at perfumes with the addition of rose oil, in the end it is difficult to understand how much effort is involved. Several tons of fresh rose petals are needed for just a few drops of pure rose oil. In the end, the rose oil is correspondingly high-priced, because not only the effort is considerable, but also the price. It must also be borne in mind that the average perfume consists of 60 to 70 different components. But there can also be far more than 100 different essences in one composition.

The more essences are used, the more exclusive and varied the scent will be in the end. However, that doesn't have to mean that multiple essences are always better. A good perfumer creates a unique fragrance experience from just a few components. The complex production stages of essences, oils and other components are often very complex and costly. However, since only high-quality ingredients are used for a good fragrance, you can be sure that the perfume is correspondingly exclusive. The more expensive a fragrance, the more valuable the composition. Of course, you also benefit from this.

Cheap products quickly leave a lot to be desired

Those who tend to rely on cheap and inferior compositions will quickly feel an uncomfortable feeling. Poor quality perfumes often cause headaches for the wearer and have a pungent finish. This is mostly due to the fact that cheap products are artificially stretched with alcohol and other substances. In addition, these fragrances do not last very long on the skin. This also results in the mostly very low prices. Since high-quality ingredients are not used, the compilations can also be offered at an above-average price. All of this is completely different with high-quality compositions made from the best raw materials. With an excellent fragrance, you can enjoy the perfume all day long and you will never have any complaints. Often, small amounts are enough to create a pleasant cloud of scent. You can enjoy it all day and you don't have to spray again. Therefore, high-quality fragrances are particularly worthwhile in the long term, because they reveal many possibilities and never limit the wearer.

A high-quality perfume is more than just a fragrance

The bottle often plays an important role in the price. Inferior fragrances are very often packaged in plastic for low pricing. But that is neither good for the scent, nor is it pleasant on the eyes. In the case of high-quality compositions, the ideal packaging is also sought. Glass is so popular precisely because it has a lot to offer visually. It is also wonderfully suitable for protecting the perfume over the long term. The more elaborately a bottle is designed, the more work goes into it. Of course, there are particularly exclusive models that also clearly stand out in terms of price. But if you value a beautiful and unique look, you will certainly appreciate the laborious work. In the end it is an elegant interplay. With a high-quality fragrance in beautiful packaging, all the senses are stimulated and accordingly positively influenced. After all, a perfume is not just a care product, it also serves as a decorative element in a certain way.

Basically, a good perfume can be recognized very easily. The fragrance flow should be very harmonious, soft and also gentle. Inferior fragrances often fall apart gradually and then no longer work properly. It's more like having different scent essences on your skin. However, if high quality essences have been used, then this is not the case. The higher quality a good perfume is, the more effective it is in terms of durability. A particularly exclusive perfume can be applied once a day and then lasts the entire day. Good combinations develop over the course of the day and thus always reveal new fragrance experiences. This also distinguishes a good perfume, because only if the composition has been made under important aspects, the fragrance is able to implement this property.

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