Knowledge restricts creativity

Creativity - what is it actually?

When a child comes up with an unusual solution or does something in a way that is not “normal”, he or she is often referred to as a “creative mind”. But what does it actually mean to be creative? Is coloring a picture creative or building a tree house?

In any case, new ideas are involved and something has to be mastered, a challenge, a task, a problem that has to be solved. So creativity is creative thinking, because a creative person is original, inventive and productive. In doing so, he creates something that did not exist before. Personal knowledge and experience, which are linked to your own imagination, play a role here. Three things play together.

Human - Environment - Subject

The human being is creative, because it is an innate ability that can be trained and thus improved. This is especially important in toddler age. Young children should have fewer pre-made toys that they just push buttons or that can only be used for a single purpose.

This significantly limits your imagination to think of other ways of using it. On the other hand, building blocks, natural materials, paints and papers, fabrics and everything else that can be used for the most varied of purposes stimulate creativity enormously. The environment mainly relates to the people a child is with. If parents or educators provide the child with the above-mentioned material, they contribute a large part to the child's creative development.

Even if exceptional solutions are allowed by teachers or society instead of being badly marked or not recognized, this strengthens the child's creative ability. The subject is the domain in which someone acts creatively. Children are particularly creative in the arts and crafts. Adults can then come up with creative problem solutions in medicine or technology.

Creative on the children's journey

At our creative camp during the winter holidays, children are offered an environment and a program where creativity is definitely encouraged. Especially in the artistic field, the children can let off steam and experiment with different materials and techniques. Furthermore, there the children experience adventures there and are active in many ways.

Outside, they go on a treasure hunt through the adjacent forest, discover nature and even more hidden treasures while geocaching. If you dare, you can go on a night hike in the forest at night. There are sporting activities such as the forest course, where teamwork and resourcefulness are required. At making circus things get colorful and it's about skill as well as having fun trying out new things like juggling, turning plates or balancing on the rola bola.

As you can see, the creative camp near Berlin is not just about tinkering with window pictures or jewelry. Because apart from the fact that it's not necessarily creative if you follow instructions, our children's trip has a lot more to offer.