How do I get an older man

The Clooney Effect: 8 Reasons Every Woman Should Date an Older Man

You didn't really see it at all. After all, wrinkles and gray hair are far from being a clear indication. But during the conversation it suddenly appears: the unmistakable revelation of age tied to numbers. And a difference of - let's say - over ten years makes you cringe for a moment. Sometimes it can feel like a whole generation has suddenly separated! If there are concerns about the often cited father complex, doubts arise. Is he really the one for me?

Swam over it! We are sure: the age question does not necessarily have to become an exclusion criterion if everything else feels good all around. After all, a man with experience has something for himself. Besides, in the end there is still a little boy in every man. So from now on it's time to turn off your head and enjoy! Because dating an older man has a number of advantages:

1. Calmer waters

Constant bar crawls with his buddies, long nights of drinking and excessive parties - this man has long since put it all behind him. Anyone who has let off steam may not have to be persuaded for long if you're after a cozy evening on the sofa or a romantic visit to a restaurant.

2. Compensation

This is very good for your own life. After all, you no longer feel compelled to party the entire weekend. Is no longer afraid of missing a party and does not necessarily have to experience an exorbitant amount over two days in order to finally start the week on Monday morning completely exhausted and drained.

3. Experienced in love

Of course, more life experience also means more relationship experience and that plays our part perfectly. After all, this man knows exactly what he wants, how he wants it and what he doesn't want. He has a few more experiences in his luggage, has learned what doesn't work. And he knows how to implement this very clearly in a partnership! All that remains is to find out if you think similarly.

4. Quality instead of quantity

Drunk appearances are rather rare for an older man, after all, he has long since learned how to have a good time. Certainly not with the help of a complete loss of control! He prefers the good drink with style in a chic bar instead of the high-proof schnapps flatline at the filthy counter.

5. Protective instinct

A broad shoulder to lean on, a man who always has advice, someone who gives us the right amount of support without being asked: this man is made to stand by us! Then the father complex comes to light a little ...

6. Seduction artist

Another area in which he has gained quite a bit of experience that you can benefit from as a woman: He knows what he wants during sex! You can feel that from the first moment when he takes the reins in hand. But let yourself be seduced, surprised and feel best for yourself!

7. Goodbye, games

The stupid 3-day rule of not being able to decide and then maybe even the classic, the fear of commitment: wonderful, he has long left it all behind. If he wants you, then he lets you know and feel that very clearly! Rarely will you have experienced such an uncomplicated initial phase when getting to know each other.

8. Consistency

If they love, they love unconditionally. Most of them at least! Of course, he also has an emotional history and a certain number of ex-relationships with him. But if he says he chose you, then he is done with all of that too.

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