How often do software developers get rich

Get rich as a software developer.

pieppieppiep wrote:

Do you just have to be lucky that a lot of people are interested in your project?

You have to be stupid compatible!

Why do you think a company that sells ringtones, advertises hopping and singing chicks and flying fleas on TV, has a turnover of € 1/4 billion?

Why the Bildzeitung is sold 6-7 times more than the Süddeutsche:

Veronika Feldbusch understood it best. You have to be as humble as possible that everyone will love you. Because a little stupid is very cute.

As an intellectual, you only have one option to get rich: a startup with 20 people.
In the first onion ring, you surround yourself with people who are a little more stupid than you. In the second shift with people who are a little more stupid than these people and in the third shift with people who are already so stupid that they are considered to be particularly customer-friendly.

This is what someone who has been self-employed for 15 years now says.