What is the salary of a tattoo artist

If you enjoy being creative and have a passion for art then Tattoo Artist could be a great career option for you. This job is great for people with a steady hand, a good eye for detail, and good communication skills.

What is the salary as a tattoo artist in Germany?

The salary is average across Germany between € 1,900 and € 2,400 gross per month with a 40 working hour week and varies depending on professional experience, level of training, company size and federal state. Best to be paid Tattooists in Hamburg, Hesse and Barden-Württemberg and the lowest salary for this occupational field is in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg.

The way to / -r Tattoo artist/ -in: The training

The qualifications / certifications one needs to become a tattoo artist depend on where one wishes to practice that profession. In most places are no formal qualifications required, but it can be very useful for you to have been trained in an established studio.

Another useful topic in which eventual Advanced training Bringing benefits is art and design. Even if you are naturally talented when it comes to drawing, successfully completing advanced training can really improve your skills and make the work better later on. As the career progresses, one usually becomes one Portfolio of the best works created, which serves as a guide for potential customers and employers. Most tattoo artists specialize in one or more specific styles of tattoos (e.g. portrait, realism, Japanese) so your portfolio will help highlight what type of artist you are.

You will most likely need a license to start tattooing. You need to make sure you get the Health and Safety Guidelines know and be able to comply with them and be prepared for all situations that may arise.

Required knowledge and skills

Knowing how to draw is a necessary skill for a tattoo artist. Some clients come to an artist with a picture of what they want, but the job of a tattoo artist involves adapting existing designs or creating new designs based on the client's needs. It is also very beneficial to be creative when it comes to coming up with new designs and ideas so that your work is original and individual for the client.

Patience and a steady hand are also qualities that are essential for a tattoo artist. You work on people's bodies and create permanent works of art that can sometimes take several hours.

Other skills required are an excellent level of customer service and good communication. Before a client sits down to get a tattoo, tattoo artists need to have a consultation with them to discuss the design, make adjustments and advise them based on your knowledge and experience, so it is very important that You will be able to listen and reassure customers that you are knowledgeable and guide them through the process.

work environment

Most tattoo artists work in studios. This can be alongside other artists or in your own studio. The location of the studio can vary, some people even have their studio in their own home. The job may also require some travel. Many tattoo artists promote and improve their careers by attending congresses, showing their work at exhibitions, and traveling to various studios to work temporarily as "guest artists".