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Difference between BBA and BCom

Lisa89  📅 23.02.2011 17:18:47
Hello everybody,

Does anyone know what the exact difference is between the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Commerce?
Would be grateful for answers
D.H.A.  📅 23.02.2011 18:29:23
Re: Difference between BBA and BCom
Commerce is more special. So distribution, marketing, trade. The other is business administration in general.
Lisa89  📅 23.02.2011 19:28:37
Re: Difference between BBA and BCom
thank you, i.e. a! if I want to move on to HR or QM later, does a BBA make more sense?
D.H.A.  📅 24.02.2011 10:51:39
Re: Difference between BBA and BCom
No, you qualify primarily through internships, abroad, soft skills.
A business degree with a focus on marketing is pretty much identical to a commerce bachelor's degree, only that you are more broadly positioned, as you could orientate yourself differently.
What is HR and QM?
Lisa89  📅 24.02.2011 14:49:25
Re: Difference between BBA and BCom
thanks again,
I'm on my way to a Bachelor of Commerce, but I'm currently wondering whether I'm in the right place here, because I don't necessarily want to go in the direction of marketing ... more in the direction of human resources (HR ) or quality management (QM what a would be useful for, I know ) - but if you say that one would rather qualify and specialize on the basis of internships anyway, maybe i can stay with after all
nevs  📅 25.02.2011 19:03:43
Re: Difference between BBA and BCom
So for QM, a degree in industrial engineering would be better. I once worked as a student trainee in QM. Need a lot of technical knowledge. Understand technical drawings, material density, elasticity of fabrics, etc ... Especially in industry. But if you want to do more QM in a social institution, a normal business administration is better.
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