Bollywood loses its value

The 10 best Bollywood films

Incidentally, if you wonder what Bollywood means: Of course the name is an allusion to the cinema stronghold of the western world, Hollywood. Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the counterpart in the east, the film center of the subcontinent. In terms of the number of productions, the Indian film industry is by far the largest in the world.

Most of the shooting in Mumbay is in the North Indian languages ​​Hindi and Hindustani. Most commercially successful since the 1970s is the so-called masala film, in which different genres such as action, drama and romance come together with dance and singing scenes.

Fancy more top films? Here you go:


1. Dumb and dumber

Not everyone finds overflowing toilets and tongues that get stuck on ice-cold ski lift poles funny. But those who appreciate crazy, silly humor will get their money's worth in this comedy about two not so clever friends and their road trip. Especially because Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are in top form.

(Unfortunately there is no real trailer, that's why this excerpt from the arrival at the airport above)

2. Agent zero zero nothing


A comedy list would not be complete without Bill Murray. So how about this not so well-known highlight about an American who visits his brother in London, who is sent to an actually staged detective game and involved in a real murder case without realizing it. His cold-bloodedness resulting from ignorance makes the real villains shudder and we experience one fit of laughter after the other.

3. Manitou's shoe

The fact that Michael Herbig and his crew are brilliant when it comes to teasing TV and film classics was already known after the "Bully Parade". The fact that his We-take-the-old-Winneto-films-on-the-shovel plan turns out to be such a round, terribly funny and lovingly staged fun down to the last detail, was surprising and is still a pleasure to this day.

4. To be or not to be

Watching black and white films is kind of exhausting? One should get rid of this idea. Because even from early years there are comedy hits that would be a shame to miss. One of them is this brilliant copy by the German director Ernst Lubitsch about a theater troupe that had to play for their life when Hitler came to power. Doesn't that sound so funny? But it is! And how.

5. Bridal alert


A wedding film from the USA is all about dresses, hearts and pigeons? Not when Comedienne Kristen Wiig writes the script, plays the leading role and has female fun stars like Melissa McCarthy at her side. Then it gets nasty, dirty and rough. And of course very, very funny.

6. I - simply incorrigible


A world without the cute yellow minions? Difficult to imagine. They first appeared in the cinema in 2010 in this film about the super villain Gru and the three orphans. And even if the sequels were all pretty good: The debut of this lovable animation world is and remains something special.

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7. You don't kiss leopards


Watching Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn whack their attractive ears with the dialogue at insane pace and fall in love is not only one of the greatest things Hollywood's golden age has to offer - the film is still considered one of the best comedies of all time.

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8. Nothing to lose


Nick comes home surprisingly early, catches his wife with someone else and ... goes crazy. The result: He ends up with a small crook in the desert and experiences the adventure of his life - including burning shoes, chases, spontaneous burglaries and a spider in his hair. What makes the hustle and bustle so funny is (besides the remarkably original story) above all the ingenious interplay between Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence.

9. The Big Lebowski


If you watch a film by the Coen brothers, you will not see any smack humor or mainstream food. Her trademark: bizarre people experience bizarre things. The two stage it so cleverly that actors queue up for leading roles. Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore are part of this legendary story of a momentous mistake.