What do you love about a woman

This is how you love a woman who has experienced a lot of suffering and pain in the past.

When you meet a woman in your life who has experienced a lot of suffering and pain in the past, you can be sure that such a woman will never be easy, let alone easy to love. So be aware that giving her enough love can be a great challenge. So if you are one of those men who prefers something casual or is not ready to put a lot of energy into a love relationship, then better keep your hands off this type of woman.

You will need a lot of patience and strength to achieve it, because at first she will push you away from her, will be very skeptical of you and will not just let you touch her heart. Why are you wondering Because this woman has given her heart to the wrong people far too often and her soul bears scars from the past. Scars from all the things that have left her with such suffering and disappointment.

She has lost confidence in many things and people, so she will first test you to the bone,before you even have a chance with her, because she knows full well that she couldn't stand another disappointment in her life. Her distance from you is only her protective reaction, which you should respect and accept and this time you clearly have to make more effort than with the other women you have met so far. She is a special woman who needs more of your attention, patience, and love. She wants to be absolutely sure that you can really offer her what she needs.

It can often be complicated and maybe a little strenuous, she will be skeptical, sometimes moody and in the next moment she can suddenly be completely sensitive and loving again. You have to be prepared for everything and you have to expect that their behavior will not always correspond to your wishes and ideas. Sometimes you will find it a little difficult to deal with it correctly and appropriately, because it is unpredictable and in the end you will never really know how to react best in which situation.

Make sure you are ready to love this woman with all your heart and be well prepared to support her when she needs a strong shoulder to lean on. Because in the difficult times this woman is often unbearable and on the edge of her nerves, she will react coldly to you and try to keep her distance.

Realize that this is when she needs the most love from you. More than usual. More than anyone. You have to learn to love her even in the most unbearable situations, you also have to learn to understand this woman correctly without words, because she will never speak openly about her problems, fears or worries, she will try to cope with them on her own until she realizes how weak and broken it actually is. Then, right then, it is your job to catch them, strengthen them and take good care of them.

Do not forget, she will try to convince you of her bravery and her fighting spirit, but deep down she will want your support and will hope for nothing more than a hug from you that will give her new strength. She wants to be sure that you are there for her in such difficult situations and that you never let her down. She wants to be sure that she can trust you without being disappointed, she wants to be able to rely on you no matter when, no matter where.

You have to be able to love this woman always To give it stability and never let it fall, even though you know how difficult and exhausting it can be. But don't hold it against her, she has experienced and had to go through a lot in the past, she will also be able to hurt you with her way from time to time, but you must not forget that this is all just her facade. Deep down she is this wonderful, tender and fragile woman who wants nothing more than to be loved with all her heart.

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