Where are blue license plate lights legal?

White or blue license plate lighting

Blue & white license plate lights with which lamps?

The STVZO, which is the abbreviation for the road traffic regulations, does not exactly prohibit the installation of LED lamps as license plate lighting. According to STVZO, the light has to be installed so that other road users are not impaired or distracted.

Blue or white bulbs make license plate lighting appear brighter, so that the license plate can be seen much faster and more easily by other road users. Cyclists can also recognize a car more quickly from the side in the dark. Many wagon keepers have therefore chosen LED or xenon as the light source. Is this allowed? The installation of the pears is not prohibited. Some drivers had to remove the light sources, others say it didn't bother the police during the controls.

What do the police officers look out for during a traffic control?

Care is taken to ensure that the license plate is recognized correctly and that the license plates are clearly visible. This is usually the case with the brighter lighting and then of course the proper installation is checked so that nobody is harmed in the event of an accident. Car manufacturers such as BMW install the white lights as standard.

Install LED festoons?

If you decide to install LEDs, then you always have to exchange the entire unit. You can find out exactly what is allowed or prohibited here.

Xenon lighting

Xenon light is well suited as a parking light and consumes less electricity than the alternative parking lighting. A lower power consumption is also given with the license plate lighting with the bright optics.

The lights can be installed vertically or horizontally. Above all, it is important that you buy the lights according to your car type or class. You can also lay out a number plate completely with the lights, or only install it on the right and left. The number plate lights have been checked and can be purchased without entry.

There are also lights that have to be approved after they have been installed in the car. Anyone who exchanges their lamps in the car with an approval need not worry in the event of an accident. The slightly colder blue light definitely improves the visibility of the license plate and saves electricity. According to the STVZO, the light from the license plate should be easily legible and recognized by the infrared cameras of the speedometers. If you want to be on the safe side, buy LED lamps with an E-mark.

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