Which Swedish newspapers do you read

Media in Sweden

Radio, television and newspapers in Sweden

Sweden is a nation that is very fond of reading. The story started early with investments in education and libraries. Many Swedish households still have a newspaper subscription. Foreign newspapers can usually be found in larger cities at train stations or in the widespread Pressbyrån kiosks.

The biggest daily newspapers in Sweden

Founded in 1830 by Lars Johan Hierta with the editorial office located in Stockholm. Aftonbladet, the evening paper, is a tabloid with a large circulation.

Svenska Dagbladet
The first edition appeared on December 18, 1884. It is produced in Stockholm and has the third highest circulation of the Swedish quality newspapers after »Dagens Nyheter« and »Göteborgs-Posten«. She describes herself as independent, liberal-conservative and since 1925 the Skenska Dagbladet has awarded the Svenska Dagbladet gold medal to the best Swedish athletes.

Dagens Nyheter
The national Swedish daily newspaper. Published in Stockholm since 1864, it is now the morning newspaper with the highest circulation in Sweden and, with its political stance, counts as liberal.

Gothenburg's post
»Göteborgs-Posten« from Göteborg is a liberal newspaper. Around 1926, the publishing house began an effective modernization in terms of the language and content that was popularized. Today the circulation is around 250,000 copies. It is currently the second largest quality newspaper.

TV in Sweden

Due to the small population, many programs and films are not translated into Swedish. This also applies to movies. The most common broadcasters in Sweden are SVT 1, SVT2, TV3, TV4 and Channel 5. SVT1 and SVT2 are state broadcasters. If you are interested in Swedish television, we recommend the SVT website. Here you can find videos of the news and much more.

Radio in Sweden

The program of the Swedish radio stations is very diverse. In addition to the local music groups with Swedish lyrics, a large number of English-language and international titles are played. Veriges Radio AB is the public radio company in Sweden with four national and over 20 regional stations.