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Clubs in Hamburg Tips for night owls

Note: Discos and music clubs are closed due to the measures taken to contain the Corona crisis. Further information at: Corona in Hamburg and general decrees and ordinances in Hamburg

Hamburg's club scene

The nightlife in Hamburg is diverse and of course known worldwide because of the most sinful mile in the city - the Reeperbahn and its many iconic music clubs. There and in many other corners you can listen to live bands of different genres, dance to the turntable art of the DJs and can go from club to club perfectly. Reason enough to introduce the ten most popular, unusual or best-known clubs in the party metropolis - plus a few additional tips, because there is simply so much to discover.

This is how you can support the clubs in Hamburg

If you would like to support the Hamburg club and cultural landscape, you can do so through the Clubkombinat Hamburg and the Save Our Sounds campaign. In an associated webshop you will find T-shirts, sweaters & Co. to support the Hamburg music clubs. Information on support for musicians can be found at: Clubkombinat Hamburg
Soli-Webshop Clubkombinat: Save Our Sounds Soli-Shop

Rockcity Hamburg e.V.
Rockcity Hamburg e.V. is a non-profit association for musicians. Because of the Corona crisis, the association launched the #musicsupporthh fundraising campaign. You can support musicians through the association.
This way to: Rockcity Hamburg e.V. Corona donations

Club sounds at the weekend with klub forward

Image: © Mathias Busse

Hamburg is famous for its live music and club scene. klub forward is now offering this scene a digital platform. Live streams with music from the various Hamburg club stages are offered here. The audience can support their favorite clubs with donations and thus ensure that the Hamburg club landscape remains colorful in the future. If you do not want to donate to a club, you can transfer to the general donation account of the club foundation. Next on the program:
More information and stream:club forward, club forward on Twitch.Tv

The Hamburg cultural scene is currently also showing many offers digitally. You can find exhibitions, theater or dance productions here atCulture digital in Hamburg.

Merchandise from the Hamburg club scene

Many Hamburg clubs now offer sweaters, hats, t-shirts and accessories. Especially during Corona you can support your favorite club by buying merchandise products.


Under the hashtag #LIVEFROMHAMBURG, Hamburg's music scene is sending an optimistic signal for a future in which we can experience live music together again at the city's unique concert locations. Musicians, organizers and concert locations are called upon to mark social media posts about their concerts in Hamburg with the hashtag #LIVEFROMHAMBURG. #LIVEFROMHAMBURG unites a wide variety of genres and shows the incredible diversity and great commitment of the city's musicians.

Live act of the week

From the entries marked with #LIVEFROMHAMBURG, a weekly musical highlight is selected and presented here as the “live act of the week”. A digital stage is being created for all the initiatives that ensure that live music can take place again in Hamburg.

Further information:#LIVEFROMHAMBURG

These clubs in Hamburg offer something for everyone


Shop: The Molotow offers merchandise to support the club. Further information:Molotov merchandise

The Molotow is at the end of the Reeperbahn. The rock and indie club has been a fixture in Hamburg's nightlife since the 1990s and was based in the Esso store on Spielbudenplatz until it moved to Nobistor. Internationally known musicians and bands such as the Whitestripes, Mumford & Sons or the Toten Hosen have played in the Molotow, as have Hamburg artists, and readings and poetry slams take place regularly. Among other things, the party series "Motobooty" - The Rock'n Roll Dancefloor is popular.
Where:Nobistor 14, St. Pauli
What: Live concerts, indie, rock, electronic music
Audience: from students to long-established rock'n rollers
Prices: usually between 0 and 15 euros
Further information: Molotov

Evil and dangerous

Digital offer and merchandise: The evil and dangerous has brought "sic] nal", a radio and mix series, into being. You can receive the program live from the beginning / middle of November in picture and sound. There is also the option of buying and donating virtual drinks or merchandise.Further information: Facebook page sicnal and Merchandise & Donations

You can't get past Uebel & Hazardous in the Hamburg club landscape - and not just because the club is located in a huge anti-aircraft bunker. From 20s music to singer-songwriters and techno beats, there is something for every taste and readings and poetry slams are also held there. There are three locations in total within the bunker: the ballroom, the tower room and the Terrace Hill roof terrace. The upper floors of the Uebel & Hazardous, which has been a fixture in the Hamburg club scene since 2006, can be reached with the elevator, which is even served by a lift boy. The audience is rather young, but otherwise very mixed.
Where: Feldstrasse 66, St. Pauli
What: Live concerts, techno, house, indi, hip-hop
Audience: as diverse as the program
Prices: between 5 and 30 euros
Further information:Evil and dangerous

Mrs. Hedis dance coffee

Donate: Frau Hedi mustn't go under. With this motto you can donate to the floating music club during Corona.Further information:Donate Mrs. Hedi

What would Hamburg be without the Elbe and the harbor - of course, a club on the water shouldn't be missing. On the launch MS Hedi and its sister ships, you can dance across the water to pop, funk, Balkan beats or electro swing. Ms. Hedis regularly takes dance coffee from the Landungsbrücken on St. Pauli and presents a colorful program of concerts, readings and parties on the water. Entry and exit is usually possible every hour. From the end of December to March, the barges take their winter break.
Where:At Landungsbrücken 10, St. Pauli
What: Balkan beats, pop, house and much more
Audience: The main thing is that it is seaworthy!
Prices: 8 to 10 euros (7 p.m. to 12 a.m.)
Further information:Mrs. Hedi

South Pole

The South Pole was part of United We Stream on May 6, 2020. The stream can be found here: United We Stream from the South Pole.Current information at: South Pole (Facebook)

The club that attracts night owls on expeditions to the south of Hamburg: this temple for electronic music is located in an old flood basin between car repair shops, canals and city cleaning. The grounds are wonderfully decorated, there are DJs playing inside, but there are also films and an open stage that can sometimes be seen there.
Where:Süderstrasse 112, Hammerbrook
What:Electro, techno
Audience:relaxed and looking for a club where time flies by
Prices: 10 to 15 euros
Further information:South pole

Golden Poodle Club

Merchandise: You can currently order t-shirts or sweaters as well as records to match the Golden Poodle Club.Further information:Golden Poodle's online shop
The United We Stream livestream from April 20, 2020 is available at: Golden Pudel Club / United We Stream

An evening at the Goldener Pudel is anything but ordinary, and it starts with the location: The counterculture club has been located near the fish market in a former smugglers' prison since the 1990s. True to the motto "The world is a poodle", the club is still a well-known meeting place for artists from all over the world and Hamburg bands such as Tomte or Kettcar. At the beginning of 2016, however, it first turned out - a fire destroyed large parts of the trendy club. In the summer of 2017 there was a big comeback and since then concerts and parties have been held in the Pudel again.
Where: St. Pauli Fischmarkt 27, Altona
What: Electronic music, alternative
Audience: Scene audience, sometimes hip, sometimes alternative
Prices: often at your own discretion
Further information:Golden Poodle Club


Shop: Gruenspan fans can purchase merchandise in the form of sweaters, beanies or t-shirts and support their club with it.Further information:Gruenspan Shop and homepage of the Gruenspan

Iconic neighborhood club on the Große Freiheit: Linkin Park, Jack Johnson and the Pet Shop Boys have already been on the Gruenspan stage. The rock parties in Gruenspan have been legendary since 1968 and are one of the most famous addresses for live music in Hamburg. From rock to hip-hop, the Gruenspan offers a wide repertoire of musical styles.
Where:Große Freiheit 58, St. Pauli
What: Rock, alternative and electro
Audience: The classic neighborhood mix: music and rock fans, students, tourists
Prices: mostly from 20 euros and up

Green hunter

A house with a front garden and trees all around: This is the Green Jäger, a charming club between Schanze and Kiez. Live concerts by indie and rock bands are regularly given in the clubhouse and there is also a lot to experience in the green hunters. The party series "Entdeck the Dreck", for example, is popular and includes all the classics from Britney Spears to Eminem. On Sundays, the Green Hunter is transformed into an idyllic living room and invites you to watch the crime scene together.
Where: New Horse Market 36, St. Pauli
What: Live concerts and a colorful mix: 80s and 90s, pop, rock, house
Audience: Like the program: a colorful mix
Prices: less than 10 euros
Further information:Green hunter

Mojo Club

The Mojo Club was founded on the Reeperbahn in the 80s and was best known for dance floor jazz. After a 10-year break, the Mojo can be found again on the Reeperbahn today. Through floor hatches it goes down into the chic club, which presents a well-filled line-up with musicians from the fields of jazz, soul and electronic dance music. You can relax in the adjoining jazz café.
Where: Reeperbahn 1, St. Pauli
What: Live concerts, jazz, soul, disco
Audience: Lovers of danceable jazz and soul, from young explorers to guests who visited the original club of the 80s and 90s
Prices: usually between 0 and 20 euros
Further information:Mojo Club


The Docks, also known as D-Club, is an institution in the Kiez - the location on Spielbudenplatz has been Hamburg's largest music club since 1988, with stars like Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Metallica already picking up the microphone here. Up to 1400 guests dance in the docks and in the adjoining onePrince barely to rock, hip hop or even techno beats through the night. However, the Docks was a special venue even before it was founded in 1988: Eberhard Knopf's concert and machine house, one of the oldest cinemas in Germany, was opened there around 1900.
Where: Spielbudenplatz 19, St. Pauli
What: Live concerts, rock, hip hop, techno and house, but also rap or hit songs
audience: a colorful mix - from students to tourists
Prices: 5 to 15 euros
Further information: Docks & Prinzenbar

Scale construction and fund office

Merchandise:T-shirts or hoodies for men and women, buttons and accessories to support the scale construction in solidarity can be found at: Scale construction shop
In the dark vault under a railway bridge, the floor trembles not only because of the trains that pass over it, but above all because of the bass of the varied music. Like the Fundbureau, the Waagenbau is located under the Sternbrücke and is one of the top addresses for techno, reggae and drum'n'bass.
Where: Max-Brauer-Allee 204, Altona
What: Electro, reggae, drum'n'bass, hip-hop
Audience: young and student
Prices: usually between 8 and 12 euros
Further information:
Scale construction and fund office

Also worth a visit

You can also plunge into Hamburg's nightlife away from the well-known nightlife district: somewhat hidden there are several clubs to discover, for which you should, for example, dare to jump over the Elbe to Wilhelmsburg.


The TurTur is particularly convincing with its concept: The club on the Wilhelmsburger Veringkanal, named after Mr. TurTur from the story Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver,appears in winter as a club and in summer mainly as a restaurant with delicious pizza on offer. From October to May, DJs play techno, electro or even soul and punk at TurTur. In the warm summer months there are occasional small concerts, jam sessions or summer parties, but above all culinary delights.
Where: At Veringhof 13, Wilhelmsburg
What: Techno, electro
Audience: Friends of the lively Reiherstieg district and an unusual concept
Prices: from 5 euros
Further information:TurTur


Digital offer: The PAL also offers a digital program under the title PAL TV Donate, which presents various DJ sets.
The area around the exhibition halls doesn't actually look like a bar or club district, but appearances are deceptive: The PAL, a club with a permanent place in Hamburg's techno scene, is hidden in an inconspicuous brick building near the television tower. Between the Schanzen and Karoviertel districts, techno and house by international artists will be played on two floors.
Where: Karolinenstrasse 45, Karolinenviertel
What: Techno, house
Audience: ready to dance all night long
Prices: around 12 euros
Further information: PAL

Night shelter

Above the Thalia Theater you can dance until dawn in the Nachtaysl. There is not only music and dance here, but also theater, readings & Co. The party series are particularly interesting: DARE! the 80s club for gay & friends, for example, invites you to the songs from Pop & Wave or Italo-Disco. There is no elevator to get to the night shelter.
Where: Alstertor 1, old town
What:Disco, pop, theater, readings, talks
Audience:from the literary to the Italo-Pop friend
Prices:approx. 8 to 20 euros
Further information:Night shelter

Good to know:Those who go around the houses in the evening will sooner or later be caught up in hunger. A good overview of delicious snacks in St. Pauli, in Altona or at the main train station can be found here:Midnight snacks