Who is my best friend

#bffsforever: Why i love my best friend

Women prefer their best friends to husbands. Last year, this result of a survey of 1,500 women carried out by the British wellness company Champneys hit like a bomb. More than half of the respondents stated that they were closer to their BFFs (“Best Friends Forever”) than to their wives. Here are ten reasons that could explain this:

1. She really likes me for who I am.

Regardless of whether I'm misbehaving at a party, I'm not in a good mood or accidentally sniffing at you: my best friend forgives you. She knows all my quirks, rough edges, but also appreciates my sugar-coated sides and knows that they can be relied on to come to the fore. She just loves me for who I am.

2. Because she always stands by me and our friendship.

My best friend is more loyal than many a partner in life: come what may - she stands by our friendship, defends me when necessary, and provides support in combat.

3. Because she is honest.

There are no games between us. It is said as it is - with due respect. If jeans put my bum in the limelight, she'll tell me honestly. Even if the choice of words and behavior is inappropriate, she tells me the truth.

4. Because she laughs with me

Your laughter infects me, and so it is the other way around. We laugh at the same jokes, at the same weird experiences - and nobody understands it, except us ...

5. Because she goes along with every nonsense.

Going overboard once, doing things that are completely insane, that don't make sense ... who is best for this? Right: with the BFF. Because she doesn't judge and just goes along with it. It can be shameless and unrestrained.

6. Because she is genuinely happy for me.

Friendship is simply stronger than envy - for that reason alone we can be honestly happy for the success of our dearest friend. We don't feel threatened by new friends either, because jealousy is a foreign word in established friendship relationships.

7. I can always dive with her.

Should there come a situation in life in which I want to withdraw from everything, just want to immerse myself - my girlfriend will find a place with her where I can stay for a few days.

8. Because she understands me best.

If you've known each other for as long as we have, talked so much with each other and put yourself in the other's shoes, you often don't even need words to know what my best friend means or how she is doing. And what could be better than the feeling of being understood?

9. Because it also takes off at 4 in the morning.

They do exist, these desperate situations in which I need an ear completely dissolved, into which I can whine, howl, scold ... Sometimes my family is my contact person - but first place goes to my best friend.

10. Because we can always speak.

It's not always harmonious with us - but we talk about it when there is a dispute and we talk calmly. These conflicts only make us stronger and let us grow closer together.