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School uniform in Australia

School uniform is a critical issue for many like you who want to go to school in Australia. Regardless of whether it is green, blue, red or yellow ... it just doesn’t replace the feeling of having your own comfortable clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you would normally wear. But why do the Aussies actually wear the uniform? What costs do you have to be prepared for? And how do you best deal with it as an exchange student?

Australians love their school uniform

The Australian school system and especially everyday school life still reflect the influence of Great Britain during the colonial era. It is not without reason that the school uniforms look a bit like the ones from the Harry Potter films or "Wild Child". For many, the uniform stands for traditions and is a sign of the students' attachment to the values ​​of their school. "Whoever wears the school uniform represents the school" is the motto.

In Germany, too, in recent years people have repeatedly thought about whether a school uniform requirement should not be introduced in Germany as well, in order to create a feeling of solidarity and identification among the students. School uniforms form a community, because viewed from a distance, every student in a school appears to be "the same". And money, branded clothes, envy and competition no longer play a role.

Although the uniform feels very rigid, unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable at first, you get used to it over time. Fortunately, many schools have meanwhile replaced the traditional, official and almost old-fashioned cuts of the uniforms with new, sporty fits and uniforms, so that the dress feels good to wear and not only increases the sense of community and solidarity.

Big differences in uniforms

Each school has an individual school uniform, which is coordinated with the school colors, the school logo and the type of school (primary school, high school, college, religious or sportive ...). There are checkered, dotted, single-colored, two-colored and colored - no matter where you go and who you meet, everyone wears a different one!

In public schools, the female school uniform usually consists of a skirt, a polo or T-shirt or blouse, a long-sleeved rugby shirt and a sports outfit. In winter, the skirt is combined with tights. In the meantime, the boys naturally wear short or long trousers instead of a skirt.

Sometimes shoes are also part of it ...

What we Germans usually cannot imagine is that Australia has its own school shoes (black, blue or brown lace-up shoes) that are supposed to round off the outfit. In special schools in summer there are even uniform hats for sun protection, fleece jackets for the cold and rain jackets for bad weather. Official school blazers are also very popular with many in combination with school skirts or school trousers.

But the school system in Australia also changes over time and so there are now a few schools that have only one "dress code", i.e. there is no school uniform, but certain dress codes must be adhered to. Both concepts have advantages and disadvantages.

Secondhand is cheaper

The cost of a school uniform can vary widely. During your student exchange in Australia you often have the chance, depending on how long you stay at the foreign school, to borrow a complete outfit from friends or host siblings. And even if this is not the case, you should definitely inquire about second-hand goods. Many Australian schools have their own uniform shop where nice women work who, as an exchange student, will certainly somehow give you the opportunity not to have to buy a completely new uniform that you won't wear forever anyway. So you better ask before you have to pay a lot of money for the uniform.

Example of a state high school (Denison College Bathurst / New South Wales)


  • Blouse AUD 36, -
  • Rock AUD 43, -
  • Tights AUD 9, -
  • Polo shirt (sport) AUD 26, -
  • Sports skirt AUD 33, -
  • Long pants (winter) AUD 39, -
  • Long-sleeved sweater (winter) AUD 26 to AUD 212


  • Polo T-Shirt AUD 25, -
  • Long-sleeved fleece sweater (winter) AUD 40, -
  • Shorts AUD 25
  • Long trousers AUD 37, -
  • Knit sweater (official) AUD 70 to AUD 197

(As of November 2014)

Just do it like at Hogwarts ...

It is important that you embark on the »school uniform« adventure and - as the saying goes - »go with the flow«. It's strange for all exchange students to forget their home dressing routines and preferences at first and to look in the mirror as if they were recently a student at Hogwarts. But that changes over time! After the first real day of school at the latest, you will see that everyone else in school looks just as "stupid" as you and that it seems to be completely normal in Australia.

Over time you notice that the school uniform can also have advantages and that you are "spoiled for choice" when getting ready for school in the morning. During your time at school, you will find that the school uniform really increases bond and cohesion. So get ready to become a part of your school's community, you won't regret it!


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