Suits TV series is overrated

What's the most overrated series of all time?

The golden age of series is also the age of hype. It started with the Sopranos, then came The Wire, Breaking Bad, or Game of Thrones - all of these critically acclaimed series. The problem, you can hardly escape these series. There is always a friend who uses every opportunity to point out one of these hype series. You even tried it - but after just a few minutes it was clear that this series simply cannot do anything and you asked yourself why everyone celebrates this series like that? Then now is your chance to express your displeasure. Because we're turning the tables and want to know which of the following series is, in your opinion, the most overrated series of all time.

Breaking Bad

Desert, drugs and a teacher with a part-time job in car cleaning. These are the ingredients of Breaking Bad. You never believed Walter White that he of all people could become drug lord? In your opinion, the stories of the episodes were haunted and did the constant "bitch" of Jessie Pinkman just annoy you?

game of Thrones

Complex intrigues and impressive backdrops - this is what fans of the fantasy series rave about. But you can't and don't want to tell the Starks and Lannisters apart, because in the end they are all the same anyway? You don't care about the dragons, you can also see your breasts in other films and the constant deaths of the main characters only elicit a tired yawn from you?

The Wire

A series based on wiretapping on telephones. Wow! In addition, every character has a problem, be it with the boss, the ex-wife or the alcohol - very innovative!


Sherlock actually solved the case a second after the episode started. He just knows everything, you can never fool him - what's the fun of watching this series?


A mafia boss with mental health problems and the police just can't manage to convict him in 6 seasons? Then always the same squabbling with wife and children, what is the series about?

House of Cards

Why does Frank Underwood never get a stiff neck from constantly turning around and looking at the camera?

His field

During the 9 seasons of Seinfeld, Jerry had every New Yorker girlfriend at least twice. In addition, all episodes ran off the same, a tantrum from George, Kramer who clears the refrigerator and Elaine, who apparently has no home of her own and is therefore rooted on the sofa.


After the first season everyone had understood why publish more seasons that soften the character more and more? In the end, Dexter was just a little softie and a shadow of himself.

Mad Men

Whiskey, vodka and gin. Anything else going on in Mad Men?


We want to get away from the island. No, we want to go back to the island. No, we want to go and go home. No, we have to go back urgently! (...)

In your opinion, which series is completely overrated (max. 3 answers)?

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