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Grilled jerk chicken in Jamaica

The very diverse Jamaican cuisine is shaped by the influences of its immigrants from Africa, Europe and Asia. The cuisine of this island mostly uses fruit and vegetables from the region as well as poultry for its hot sauces and spicy dishes (Jerk chicken) and marine fish. In the west of the island, near Darliston, Grange Hill and Savanna-la-Mar, pigs and cattle are raised, but most of the meat is exported. A well-known dish is jerk pork, which is marinated and roasted / grilled pork. Curried goat ("Curry made from goat meat") is considered a festive dish. The national fruit of Jamaica is Akee, a fruit that is related to lychee and is sometimes poisonous. Akee and salted and dried cod (Saltfish) is very popular in Jamaican cuisine. Saltfish Served with ackee, pork fat, onions, tomatoes, vegetables and several types of pepper fried and garnished with crispy bacon and fresh tomatoes. For desserts, there are often sweet dishes made from mango and ice cream from the stachelannone (Soursop).

Members of the Rastafarian faith reject pork and alcohol as food and therefore have their own kitchen.

Traditional spirit is known to be rum, the best known is probably Captain Morgan. Red Stripe is a lager made by the Jamaican brewery Desnoes & Geddes will be produced .

Blue Mountain is a type of coffee that is grown in the mountains of the same name on the eastern tip of the island of Jamaica and is one of the most precious coffee types worldwide (see Blue Mountain at Wikipedia). The coffee is not exported in its entirety, but processed into mixed drinks in the country like tea or drunk directly. In Jamaica, all kinds of hot drinks, including alcoholic ones, are often labeled tea.

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